Can I Buy a Plane Ticket for Someone Else with My Miles?

In most cases, yes, you can buy airline tickets for another person with your miles. You can transfer your points to someone else, too, under certain conditions. 

But keep in mind that the programs and policies of air carriers keep changing. 

When you travel with an airline, they reward you membership discounts, reward miles, and packages and offers specific to that company. For example, Frontier Airlines offers a membership program that lets your kids and select family members travel free.  

So, frequent flyers often buy tickets for loved ones to help them save money. And besides, if you’ve been saving miles, you might as well use them. 

But, not all air carriers allow you to share miles, and some have certain stipulations. So, let’s take a look at the best ways to give another person your award miles. 

Can I Redeem Miles to Buy an Award Ticket for Someone Else?

As a general rule, you can buy reward reservations for friends, family, or anyone else just as easily as you can buy them for yourself. You can even give a free flight to another person with almost all airlines. 

Just remember that you will need all of their information as it appears on their ID, such as their legal name. Thus, you should always ask for the person’s correct details before buying the pass for them. 

Also, don’t forget that you will still need to pay taxes, even when you book tickets for other members. So, even booking free travel for someone else may cost you. 

Plus, keep in mind that a business class reservation will cost more miles. So, it may be better to buy economy if you’re using your points. 

Furthermore, many airlines allow you to book a flight with their partners as well. For instance, if you fly with Delta, you can use your points to buy a flight pass for another person with Air France. 

Selling miles to another person, however, is against airline policy. And if the airline finds out you sold your points, they may terminate your account. 

Therefore, buying reservations for another person should only ever be a gift. 

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Booking Someone Else’s Plane Ticket With Your Airline Miles

When you book flights for another person, the airline’s website will ask you for the following information: 

  1. Date and time of departure
  2. Full name
  3. Date of birth
  4. Email address
  5. Passport information for international travel

These are only the basic requirements when traveling with any airline. Your particular airline may require some additional credentials as well, especially for certain flights.

Also, remember that you must fill these required slots with authentic information, matching the passenger’s ID. Otherwise, your friend may not be able to board the plane. 

You May Have to Call the Airline

Some airlines are super cautious when it comes to their reward programs. They may require you to call a phone agent before you can use your airline miles or special offers to buy another person a plane reservation.

Furthermore, if you have to call to book a flight for someone else, make sure you have all of their information ready in case you need it. 

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Frequent Flyer Miles Terms and Conditions for Every Airline and Credit Card are Different

The policy of every airline and credit card regarding how to use reward points may vary slightly.

For example, some airlines only allow another person to use your airline miles if they travel on the same itinerary as you. Air carriers also may or may not allow you to transfer your reward points or redeem them with someone else’s account. 

There may even be small fees involved with any of these actions.

So, before you book award tickets for another person or even think of it, you must understand the reward points policy of your airline.

Can I Transfer Miles to Someone Else?

Yes, you can usually transfer your airline’s air miles to another person. Delta Air Lines, for example, allows you to transfer points from your own account to another person. 

But transferring miles may not be the best route. Relocating your airline’s miles is more difficult than just buying someone an airline ticket, and the policies vary widely depending on the airline.

Like, first of all, most airlines charge a certain fee for transferring your reward miles or an award flight to someone else. 

For instance, United Airlines charges about $7 per 500 miles you transfer, plus a transaction fee. With AAdvantage miles, on the other hand, you’ll pay $28.75 for every 1,000 miles. 

Additionally, some carriers have time limits, and you can only transfer your own miles to someone else before the allowance expires.

The credit card you are using may also have a calendar year limit on transferring or redeeming your travel miles. So, make sure you read your credit card issuers policy as well.

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Can I Pool My Reward Miles?

Points pooling or combining your travel miles with a friend or close family member can be a great way to make a single large pool and redeem them for a flight pass.

However, most US air carriers do not allow family pooling. Some do but under certain conditions, such as only allowing you to combine them with a spouse or other immediate family members.

Three air services in the US have a loyalty program that lets you pool your reward miles:

  1. Frontier Airlines – You can pool with up to eight family members only if you have Elite status. 
  2. JetBlue
  3. Hawaiian Airlines 

However, you can not pool miles with American Airlines AAdvantage or Southwest Rapid Rewards. 

But, many other airlines outside the US do allow pooling miles, such as ANA Mileage Club. 

Finally, before you try to pool miles, make sure you go to your air carrier’s miles usage policy page and give it a read. Also, check out your credit card provider’s policy so you can better understand their rules. 

And because such policies keep on changing, they are different with each provider. Thus, you always need to check your specific air carrier’s rules rather than relying on generic information. 

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Air carriers let you use your miles for buying another person a plane reservation, but they require authentic and verified information of the passenger. Therefore, you should double-check with the other person that you have their correct data.