Can I Buy a Plane Ticket for Someone Else on Expedia?

Yes, you can purchase a flight for someone else on Expedia.

But, for some air carriers, you will need to show the credit card used for the payment before flying with them. 

On travel sites, booking flights is hassle-free. Plus, they help you pick the best flight so you can get the greatest deal. 

And the most popular of these travel sites is Expedia, widely used by almost 24 million people across 32 countries.

But, can you buy a plane pass for someone else on Expedia? 

Let’s take a look at the details.

How Do I Buy a Plane Ticket for Someone Else on Expedia?

You just have to enter the details of the person you are buying for to purchase a ticket on Expedia. Then, after purchasing, you can send the airline tickets and itinerary to the person’s e-mailbox. 

But, just remember, the credentials you enter for their pass should always match those on their government-issued photo ID. 

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Do You Need to Present Proof of Payment at the Airport?

Most airlines do not require proof of payment. 

However, some air carriers, especially most Asian companies, ask for the bank card the person used to pay for the plane pass. They want to see the card because booking directly with Expedia doesn’t give them much proof of purchase. 

Thus, the best decision is to always check with your air carrier before purchasing reservations for flights. The person you buy the pass for should also keep the payment receipt with them. 

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Showing Payment Proof With Asian Carriers

If the person you are buying the airline ticket for is traveling with an Asian airliner, it is possible that airline staff will ask for the payment proof at the boarding gate. 

So, if you can’t give the other person proof of your payment, don’t buy reservations with Asian carriers. Or, you can always call the airline first and ask them if there’s another way to prove your purchase. 

But, you should also know that, for some Asian companies, even showing a bank card is not enough. Instead, you have to be present with the passenger at the airfield. 

Then, security will run identity checks before letting the passenger on the plane. Therefore, if you don’t go with them, they can be denied boarding. 

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Cancellations with Expedia

If you need to, you can cancel a flight you booked on Expedia. But, the process and conditions of any cancellations depend on the carrier you booked with, not Expedia. 

Thus, you should have a look at the refund policies of all air carriers on Expedia or the airline’s website and follow the process. However, you rarely get 100% of your money back, but it is possible under certain conditions. 

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It is possible to buy plane reservations for other people with your Expedia account. 

However, the main issue with buying on travel sites is that some airlines need to see the bank card used to pay for the airline ticket to make sure someone has indeed paid for the reservation. But some air carriers accept payment receipts instead. 

So, always carry with you the payment receipt if the payment was made by somebody else’s card.