How Often Do Hotels Wash Comforters? (The Truth About Hotel Bedding)

When planning a hotel stay, many people naturally consider the cleanliness and housekeeping standards of the property, especially when it comes to bedding. 

Hotels put an emphasis on maintaining a clean environment, with eco-friendly practices and attentive housekeeping policies in place. 

However, there is still much curiosity surrounding the frequency of washing items like comforters and duvets.

Comforters in hotels might not be washed as often as one might expect. Many hotels do not wash the comforter, bedspreads, or duvets between every guest’s stay; however, it is worth noting that sheets and pillowcases are almost always replaced between guests. The exact practices for washing comforters, bedspreads, or duvets vary among different establishments, with some prioritizing regular laundering and others not.

This article discusses how often hotels wash comforters and other bedding and how to tell if hotel bedding is clean. 

Key Takeaways

  • Comforters, bedspreads, or duvets might not be washed between each guest’s stay, but sheets are generally replaced and cleaned.
  • Hotel housekeeping standards and practices vary among establishments.
  • Ensuring a clean stay in a hotel may include techniques like inspecting the bedding upon arrival.

How Often Do Hotels Wash Comforters?

A woman hotel housekeeper fixing the bed.

Most hotels prioritize room cleanliness, particularly regarding bedding and linens. 

Still, some may not wash their comforters as often as one might like – the frequency of washing depends on the hotel’s standards and regulations, as well as feedback from guests.

Moreover, housekeeping teams in various hotels follow different cleaning routines. 

Some hotels might launder comforter covers after each guest, while others may only wash the comforter itself every few months or so. 

Industry standards for washing hotel comforters are not universally enforced, and regulations may vary based on location, hotel category, or brand reputation. 

How Often Do Hotels Wash Other Bedding?

In general, sheets and pillowcases are washed after every guest. 

Top sheets, which lie between the guest and the comforter or duvet, are always replaced between guests.

However, they provide a barrier and may extend the time between washes for heavier bedding, such as comforters.

The frequency of washing other bedding items, such as duvet covers, depends on the hotel’s standards and practices.

Duvet covers are typically washed more frequently than comforters, often after every guest or every few guests. 

Some hotels will wash mattress pads every few weeks, while others may clean them less frequently.

How Can I Tell If Hotel Bedding Is Clean?

A white bed and a lampshade on a bedside table in a hotel room.

It’s a good idea for guests to inspect the bedsheets, pillowcases, and comforters for any signs of previous guests, such as hair, stains, or crumbs.

Then look for faded stains or discoloration, which may indicate the bedding has not been properly washed for some time.

You can also use your sense of smell to assess the cleanliness of hotel bedding – offensive odors may point to improper cleaning.

Freshly laundered linens should have a clean, pleasant scent, or they can often smell of bleach. 

For those who are extra paranoid, you can bring a handheld blacklight to check how clean your hotel bedding is; however, you may see things you can never unsee.

Can I Bring My Own Blanket/Comforter to a Hotel?

You can bring your own blanket or comforter to a hotel, and it’s a good idea if you’re concerned about cleanliness. 

Some travelers prefer using their own blanket to avoid the hotel comforter, putting it away upon arrival and only using hotel sheeting, which is almost always clean.

In addition to bringing your own blanket or comforter, it’s a good idea to follow best practices for staying healthy in a hotel room. 

This could include wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes and washing your hands frequently. 

Some guests also bring their own pillows for added comfort and peace of mind.