Can I Use My Frequent Flyer Number for Someone Else?

Frequent flyer (FF) numbers make booking flights and traveling easier.

But, while you may want to share your number with family members to help them save money and reduce travel costs, it’s not always possible.

You cannot usually receive points for flights booked under a different name, even if you input your FF number. You can, however, book reward travel with your FF number for another person.

What Are the Different Types of Frequent Flyer Numbers?

Most frequent flyer programs give you a number when you open a credit card associated with an airline or through the airline’s website with no associated card. 

Airlines use FF numbers along with your name and details to create an account, so you can collect points or miles for future travel when you fly with that airline or a partner airline. You may also get bonus miles through certain promotions. 

For numbers associated with a credit card, earning miles comes with each purchase. And, you’ll receive a higher number of points if you purchase a flight associated with that airline or with partner airlines.

For numbers associated with an airline but no credit card, you would only accumulate points earned when you book flights on that airline’s website.

What Happens If I Use My Frequent Flyer Number for Someone Else?

If you are booking travel for another person, you’ll see an option to enter a FF number on the booking page. 

You will not usually receive airline credit for flights booked under a different person’s name if you do not have an airline card. However, if you do use an airline credit card, you may receive points for the overall purchase.

Through Most Airline Frequent Flyer Services Without a Card

Airlines intend FF numbers not associated with a card to be for one individual. So, you will only gain frequent flyer points or miles when redeeming miles for flights booked under your name.

Thus, if you book two tickets together, you should always add the frequent flyer miles to the one under your name. The name on the FF account must match the name of the flight passenger, so you can’t use the same frequent flyer number on two tickets.

Attempting to transfer miles to another person’s reservation won’t halt the booking process. The miles simply won’t be added to your loyalty program and may not be accepted at all. 

Through Most Airline Credit Card Frequent Flyer Services

You can gain credit mileage through your airline’s credit card flyer program regardless of whose name is on the ticket. So, if you are buying multiple tickets under the same booking number, you will receive credit in miles or points for the entire purchase so long as you use your airline card.

Thus, this method is best when buying long or round trip tickets for someone else so you can get more miles. 

With American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

AAdvantage is a specific program where you can earn American Airlines miles. You can also earn points when you fly with one of their airline partners, like British Airways. 

With this program, you can easily book a flight using your miles for another person, but you will not earn miles yourself. 

If you want to use your miles for someone else when using AAdvantage, you just need to add the name of the person flying to your AAdvantage account. Then, you can purchase tickets as normal. 

But, just remember that each person you add to your account needs a separate reservation. 

With MileagePlus

United Airlines also makes it easy when it comes to transferring points to a friend or family member. You just have to buy the ticket for them and add your MileagePlus account. 

But, just remember that there may be some transfer fees. 

Can I Book an Award Flight for Someone Else With My Frequent Flyer Number?

If you’ve accumulated enough points on your airline’s credit card or through an airline frequent flyer account, you can redeem these points for award travel or upgrades. And, on most airlines, you can confirm award travel for someone else by using your flyer number.

Programs restrict reward travel more than regular flights, though. Each airline has parameters around booking reward travel, so be sure to check the details with a travel agent or the airline before using your points for someone else.

How Can I Get a Frequent Flyer Number?

You can sign up for frequent flyer programs through your favorite airline. Almost all major airlines offer this option on their website. 

You can also sign up as you’re completing a booking. Just make sure to confirm your account before completion so you can start to earn miles.

If you would like to join a frequent flyer program via credit card, you have options to apply online, via mail, or even in-flight through some airlines.