12 Best Secluded Cabins in Colorado: Your Gateway to Solitude (2023)

Colorado is renowned for its landscapes, mountain ranges, and countless opportunities for outdoor activities, offering an idyllic getaway in beautiful natural settings.

Anyone looking for a peaceful vacation will find everything they need in a Colorado cabin rental, whether in a town or off the beaten path. 

Secluded cabins are particularly special and can be found throughout the state. 

These quiet, private accommodations range from rustic mountain lodgings to comfortable luxury by tranquil lakes.

The 12 best secluded cabins in Colorado are:

1. Moose Haven Cabin @ 22 West

2. Secluded Cabin On 10 Acres, Estes Park

3. Pikes Peak Resort Wilderness Cabin

4. The Hygge Chalet and Sauna

5. Cozy Romantic Cabin in the Woods, Steamboat Springs

6. Romantic Mountain Retreat, Black Hawk

7. Secluded Log Cabin, Grand Lake

8. The Cabin at Welder Ranch

9. Granby Cabin

10. Private Mountain Cabin, Guffey

11. A Road Less Traveled, High in the Colorado Rockies

12. Chalet in the Woods on 30+ Acres.

In this article, you’ll discover the 12 best secluded cabins in Colorado, including where they are, what they offer, and the best time of year to visit.

Key Takeaways

  • Colorado offers breathtaking landscapes perfect for secluded cabin vacations
  • The article provides a variety of cabin options catering to different preferences
  • Secluded cabins provide a tranquil experience amid the beauty of nature

12 Best Secluded Cabins in Colorado

1. Moose Haven Cabin @ 22 West

The exterior of Moose Haven Cabin during sunset in winter.

Moose Haven Cabin @ 22 West is a hidden gem in Walden, Colorado, just under 150 miles (240 km) from Denver.

This charming off-grid cabin accommodates up to five guests with two bedrooms and one bathroom. 

The cabin is equipped with a functional kitchen and a toasty living room; however, it does not have running water. 

Instead, water is provided by the hosts, ensuring guests have what they need during their stay.

Additionally, the compost toilet and shower house are about 20 feet from the main building.

While at Moose Haven, be sure to explore the private trails surrounding the cabin, with ample opportunities for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. 

2. Secluded Cabin On 10 Acres, Estes Park

The Secluded Cabin On 10 Acres (also known as ​​Moss Brook Cabin) is nestled on a 10-acre property in Estes Park, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Located only 90 miles (144.8 km) from Denver, the charming cabin has all the amenities to make up to six guests comfortable. 

The cabin offers a fully-functioning kitchen, three cozy bedrooms, two bathrooms, a washing machine, wifi, and a spacious living area with a 40” HDTV.

There’s no shortage of activities and sights near Moss Brook – from national parks to hiking or bike trails. 

Downtown Estes Park is just 10 miles (16 km) away, so getting supplies as needed is easy.

The best time to visit the cabin is from June to September when the weather is pleasant and the roads are dry.

It is possible to visit from October to May; however, guests must have AWD or 4WD vehicles with winter or mountain snow tires – otherwise, they will slide off the road on the way to the cabin.

3. Pikes Peak Resort Wilderness Cabin

A two-story cabin at Pikes Peak Resort surrounded by trees.

Pikes Peak Resort is a fantastic destination in the Colorado wilderness, just 75 miles (120 km) southwest of Denver. 

Situated on a 160-acre mountain ranch, this sprawling property offers one- two- and three-bedroom cabins surrounded by the stunning Pike National Forest. 

Each secluded cabin can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 people and combines the comforts of home with the beauty of the wilderness.

There’s even a private hot tub for guests to enjoy.

The area surrounding Pikes Peak Resort offers numerous outdoor activities for guests, including hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking. 

Additionally, with its proximity to Woodland Park and Colorado Springs, guests can take advantage of nearby city attractions.

Visiting Pikes Peak is ideal during any season – spring and summer provide stunning wildflowers and mild temperatures perfect for hiking, while fall offers a breathtaking array of colors as the leaves change. 

Winter enthusiasts can enjoy snow-covered landscapes perfect for snowshoeing or relaxing by the fireplace indoors.

4. The Hygge Chalet and Sauna, Grant

The Hygge Chalet and Sauna is a hidden gem in Grant, Colorado. 

Nestled on 3.5 wooded acres 9,000 ft (2,743 m) high in the Rocky Mountains, this unique A-frame cabin offers an ideal escape about 60 miles (96 km) southwest of Denver.

At the heart of this cozy cabin is the concept of hygge (hu-geh), a Danish word that embodies the warm and inviting atmosphere that the property exudes. 

Guests can enjoy luxurious amenities, including two bedrooms, one bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a Finnish barrel steam sauna tucked under the trees. 

Visiting the cabin during different seasons offers different experiences. 

Winter months feature fluffy powder snow, ideal for snowshoeing, sledding, and making snow angels. 

The nearby town of Grant also offers ice fishing opportunities at the local lakes. 

Spring and summer are perfect for hiking, biking, and wildlife spotting, while fall brings spectacular foliage, painting the mountains in vivid colors.

5. Cozy Romantic Cabin in the Woods, Steamboat Springs

The exterior of the Cozy Romantic Cabin with red flowers in pots on the balcony.

The charming Cozy Romantic Cabin in the Woods is perfectly tucked away in the forests of Steamboat Springs. 

Situated approximately 157 miles (253 km) from Denver, the cabin is easily accessible for a quick weekend trip or extended stay.

Full of amenities, this cabin offers a blazing wood stove for cool evenings, fast wifi, a fully equipped kitchen, and full-size laundry.

The best time to visit the Steamboat Springs area is summer and winter. 

In the summer, guests can enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing in beautiful surroundings, while winter provides optimal conditions for skiing, snowshoeing, and other cold-weather activities.

The Cozy Romantic Cabin in the Woods is just 1 mile (1.6 km) from downtown Steamboat Springs, where visitors can also find shops, nightlife, and restaurants.

6. Romantic Mountain Retreat, Black Hawk

The 54-acre secluded Romantic Mountain Retreat in Black Hawk is a stunning getaway for couples seeking luxury, comfort, and privacy. 

Located less than an hour’s drive west of Denver, this lavish log cabin boasts top-class amenities such as two hot tubs (one indoors, one outdoors), a fireplace, a ​​65″ HDTV with streaming services, wifi, and a modern kitchen. 

Guests also appreciate this one-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin’s spacious living areas while taking in the breathtaking mountain views just outside their windows.

Nearby attractions include the Golden Gate Canyon State Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park, where guests can participate in various outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and wildlife watching. 

The cabin is available year-round, although the best time to visit is during the summer and fall months when the weather is pleasant and the days are long.

7. Secluded Log Cabin, Grand Lake

A view of the Secluded Log Cabin surrounded by tall trees.

The Secluded Log Cabin in Grand Lake, Colorado, delivers breathtaking views of Shadow Mountain Lake and other picturesque mountain scenes.

This beautiful property is two hours northwest of Denver, just on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Inside the cabin, guests are treated to three bedrooms and two bathrooms, accommodating up to 10 guests. 

This modern log cabin is appointed with comfortable furnishings and modern amenities, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, wifi, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and an outdoor gas firepit. 

The best time to visit the cabin is during summer when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. 

Guests can explore the nearby Grand Lake for water sports or take on scenic hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park.

8. The Cabin at Welder Ranch

The Cabin at Welder Ranch is nestled in Meeker, Colorado, approximately 3.5 hours west of Denver.

The cabin offers a serene environment surrounded by green pastures, pristine headwaters, streams, and picturesque alpine trails.

The cabin has all essential amenities, including one bedroom, a full bathroom, a living area, and a kitchen. 

In the winter, the Cabin at Welder Ranch is the perfect spot to cozy up and enjoy a staycation. 

In spring, summer, and fall, guests enjoy exploring the trails and engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and fishing.

9. Granby Cabin

The exterior of Granby Cabin.

Located just 90 miles (145 km) northwest of Denver, Granby Cabin, is a 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom home perfectly suited for up to 6 guests. 

The home offers a cozy mountain feel with a river rock, wood-burning fireplace, custom-built wooden furniture, a fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops, and a wraparound deck with a hot tub and panoramic views of the Grand Valley.

The 40-acre property is situated at an altitude of 9,000 feet (2,743.2 m), offering hiking or biking nearby trails with breathtaking views. 

Its convenient location near Granby Ranch allows guests to enjoy year-round entertainment, including golfing, flyfishing, skiing, and tubing. 

While Granby Cabin is accessible all months of the year, 4WD and snow tires are essential for winter months due to the long driveway with steep switchbacks leading to the property. 

10. Private Mountain Cabin, Guffey 

The Private Mountain Cabin in Guffey, Colorado, offers both seclusion and comfort. 

Located approximately 2.5 hours southwest of Denver, this one-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin is perfect for anyone seeking a peaceful retreat.  

The cabin is equipped with a wood-burning fireplace, a pull-out sofa and chair, a TV with internet access, and a remote-controlled heater/air conditioner. 

Laundry facilities are available, and the bathroom has a shower, toiletries, and fresh towels. 

The loft bedroom features a vaulted ceiling, a queen bed with a quality memory foam mattress, and ample dresser space.

There is also a two-person hot tub, a love-seat swing bench with panoramic views, a relaxing sunroom, and a dining nook for meals.

The 15-acre property merges with public land, offering expansive views, a meandering path through the woods, and a private river stone meditation labyrinth.

It also offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and fishing. 

Guests should note that the location is remote and may require a 4×4 vehicle during winter/spring months. 

11. A Road Less Traveled, High in the Colorado Rockies

The exterior of A Road Less Traveled Cabin with flowers on the balcony and trees in the background.

A Road Less Traveled Cabin is ​​a secluded gem in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. 

Located in Marble, it is approximately 3.5 hours from Denver at an altitude of 8000 feet (2,438.4 m).

Guests will enjoy a well-appointed cabin featuring one cozy bedroom, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, wifi, satellite television, and a washer and dryer. 

The ideal time to visit would be during summer or early fall when the weather is the most enjoyable for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and fishing.

12. Chalet in the Woods on 30+ Acres

Nestled in the pristine forest, the Chalet in the Woods on 30+ Acres in Leadville, Colorado, is approximately 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Denver.

The cabin offers several top-notch amenities boasting 3-stories, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, living/dining areas, a sauna, and an expansive deck.

There isn’t a bad time to visit this cabin – winter months showcase a snowy wonderland perfect for skiing in nearby resorts, while spring/summer/fall offers opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, ​​river rafting, and playing in the chalet’s private pickleball/platform tennis court. 

The historic downtown of Leadville is a short drive away, offering charming shops, restaurants, and attractions to discover as well.