Top 10 Attractions in South Australia

Let’s continue our tour of the Australian states, shall we? We’ve started in New South Wales, traveled south across Victoria and hopped across the Bass Strait to Tasmania, and now we’re heading west and into South Australia, incidentally Australia’s driest state. It’s a state that’s made up of spectacular beaches, coastal cliffs, arid wilderness, empty outback and the capital city of Adelaide.

Here’s an overview of the top 10 South Australia attractions.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions


Adelaide, South Australia’s capital, is a mix of beautiful historic buildings, parklands, restaurants, bars and wide streets. It has its fair share of great museums as well. Adelaide, of course, is the best place to stay and start your visit of South Australia.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: South Australian Museum, Adelaide
South Australian Museum, Adelaide

Nullarbor Plain

The vast Nullarbor Plain lies in the southwest of the state and extends into Western Australia. It’s a desolate place, without any trees, or anything else for that matter. There are no villages for many hundreds of kilometers, making it an extraordinary place for an adventurous road trip – there’s only one road across the plain.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Nullarbor Plain
Nullarbor Plain

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island can be reached by plane from Adelaide or ferry from Cape Jervis. This small island is home to spectacular natural and coastal scenery, wildlife, pristine bushland and rolling farmlands. It makes for a fabulous day trip.

Barossa Valley

Less than two hours from Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is one of the greatest wine regions in the world. It is home to more than 80 cellar doors, panoramic views, award-winning wines, renowned restaurants and gorgeous scenery.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley

Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay is located on the Eyre Peninsula. The town is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, shallow bays, blue waters and a national park that’s named after the town. Its claim to fame is its absolutely delicious oysters.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Coffin Bay
Coffin Bay

Fleurieu Peninsula

The Fleurieu Peninsula is located a relatively short drive south of Adelaide. It’s a peaceful region of sandy beaches, amazing surf, world-class wineries and fresh food markets. The perfect place for a relaxing weekend away.

Flinders Ranges National Park

The Flinders Ranges are arguably one of the greatest outback wilderness areas in Australia. True outback, consisting of red sand and dry riverbeds and rugged mountain ranges, this area offers extraordinary hiking and camping experiences.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Flinders Ranges National Park
Flinders Ranges National Park

Coober Pedy

Located smack-bang in the middle of the outback in northern South Australia, Coober Pedy is known around the world for being a town that’s located below ground. Scorching temperatures have caused the town’s resident to seek refuge underground. It’s also renowned for its opal – it’s the center of a huge opal mining area.

Adelaide Hills

Locate just an hour’s drive from bustling Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills is a region of vineyards, European-style villages, fantastic food and loads of history.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Adelaide Hills
Adelaide Hills

Coorong National Park

The Coorong is a unique landscape in Australia. Made up of estuaries, salt lakes, sand dunes, tidal flats and the mouth of the great Murray River, Coorong National Park offers a habitat to more than 275 plant species and 200 bird species. It’s a magnificent natural gem.

Top 10 South Australia Attractions: Coorong National Park
Coorong National Park

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