Prepare for a long vacation: Key things to consider

Campervan parked at the beach; prepare for a long vacation

Vacation! The word in itself can bring so much joy and peace. Knowing a holiday is just around the corner helps us plow through anything. But even though you’re super excited and can’t wait to unwind, there are things you need to do to prepare for a long vacation. Make sure you’ve checked these items off your list and your vacation can be completely carefree.

Travel vaccinations

According to Click Pharmacy, every traveler should make sure their travel vaccinations have been done before their travels. No matter where you are going get an appointment with your healthcare provider. Don’t leave this to the very last minute. You might not get an appointment right away, and also some vaccinations are done in batches, so you need to complete the course. Do your research on the countries you are travelling to. What vaccinations would you require? Are you up-to-date with all your shots?

Person about to receive a vaccination; prepare for a long vacation

If you need regular medication, discuss this with your healthcare provider and make sure you take enough with you. This way you won’t face any inconvenience while you are on holiday.

For example, if you have diabetes and can’t take insulin in bulk, make sure you have a doctor’s note that can be used at your destination. A doctor’s note also helps with immigration.

Don’t make any drastic medication changes right before your trip. For example, if you are on the pill don’t suddenly decide to get a coil implant. You need to acknowledge that your body can react at any time.

Travel insurance policy

Another travellers pro tip is searching for a good travel insurance policy. Don’t just pick the cheapest one, as these will impact you. Make sure your gadgets are covered, along with your health and other valuables. Most companies offer up to 12-month insurance, but you should cross-reference this with your stay as well.

Travel insurance prepares you for the unseen, from broken cameras and cancelled flights to any health issues. It is only a few pounds a day, but the rewards are fruitful.

Monthly payments

Right before your trip also make sure you have tied together any loose ends. Make sure any debt, credit card bills, car payments, car insurance and so forth are covered. Pay as much in advance as you can to prepare for a long vacation.

Tell your bank where you are going; it’s a lot simpler now. You can open the online banking app and log in your travel plans. A change in geographical location of your card can result in your card being blocked, so let the bank know.

Mobile roaming

Make sure you’ll be able to use your phone in a new country. Before you travel, call your network provider or visit their shop to unlock your phone so it can accept a new SIM card.

Travel documents

Passport in bag pocket; prepare for a long vacation

Have a printed copy of all your documents, especially your passport. Even more advisable is to have a scanned copy on your email for any unforeseeable circumstances. If you misplace your passport or need embassy assistance, having a copy of your passport on your email speeds up the process.

Pack essentials

Be sure to pack anything you can’t easily replace while traveling, such as shoes in unusual sizes. Learn to fold and roll clothing wisely, and invest in pouches. Have a pouch for everything: chargers, makeup, toiletries, plugs to convert your chargers, etc. A little organisation goes a long way. Pre-plan your outfits, mixing and matching key pieces. Don’t forget to check the weather at your destination, and prepare for any surprises and rainy days. Weather can impact your trip positively and negatively and weather patterns can be unpredictable. 

Manage what you’re leaving behind

Once your travel plans are finalised stop any monthly orders or subscriptions, such as house cleaners and newspapers. And if you have pets figure out what’s going to be happening with them. Are they travelling with you? Are you leaving them at a nearby kennel?

Manage your cash. Consider changing currency at your bank before you go. Do your research into ATMs and banks at your destination. 

Pro tips…..

Switch to a no-fee ATM card to save additional fees. It is your hard earned money so don’t give it away.

Research your expenses. With a rough estimate you can begin to save up for your goal. Allocate a daily budget for your activities as you prepare for a long vacation.

To make the most out of your trip, search all the activities being offered in the place where you are staying. It will give you a chance to become acquainted with the culture and values. Most towns have weekly listings online of events and entertainment.

Do your research into transportation—trams, buses, cabs, ferries—that will get you from one place to another.  Decide what would suit you.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but book your accommodation in advance. You can decide what suits you, whether a hotel or a hostel. Check websites like and other sites like it for the best deals.

Back view of person walking on road with suitcase; prepare for a long vacation

Plan and make sure all your documents are up to date. Live your life, and don’t let everyday complexities tie you down. Lastly, bid a temporary farewell to your family and friends, as you won’t be seeing them for a while. And enjoy your adventure!

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