Should You Wear Backpack on Your Front When Traveling?

Yes, in many countries throughout the world, you may see people wearing backpacks, such as the bags that kids bring to school, on the front of their bodies for both security and convenience. However, there are some negative attributes to this method.

A backpack is an everyday carry-on item while traveling. Some people prefer it over a suitcase, the main reason being that it is easier to carry.

In big cities, it is common for backpack wearers to put them on their chests because they want to protect their possessions from the ample amount of people in the area by keeping them close.

Protection from Pick-Pockets 

In just about every country in the world, especially in big cities, some people seek out tourists to steal money or belongings from them while they are not paying attention. Therefore, there are many benefits to putting your gear on your front since you can keep an eye on everything. 

Additionally, you will find that vigilance is even more critical when you are not familiar with your surroundings. So, some people find that putting a small backpack on their front is less of a risk when traveling. 

Furthermore, wearing a backpack on your chest is more convenient when you head to the subway or any public transportation because people will hit you as they move past you. Bumping into someone is a trick that disguises the feeling of someone slipping something out of their bag, but if you can see your things at all times, there is less of a chance someone will be able to steal from you. 

What To Do if You Have Too Much Stuff in Your Bag?

If you are carrying a lot of things, it may be uncomfortable to wear your backpack on the front due to the extra weight. So, some people suggest wearing a small bag instead.

The large backpacks you usually see people traveling with inside Europe are for backpacking and are not ideal for most travel. These bookbags are “top-loader” packs, but you want to travel with a “front loader” pack, such as a daypack.

Furthermore, if you are doing a lot of walking, you should travel lightly. A heavy bag on your front will feel wrong on your body, and you will end up with sore muscles post-exploration.

Carrying a small pack on your waist as your main bag is best for a simple day trip, and you will still feel great at the end of the week.

So, organize a daypack instead of a hiking backpack, so you do not have to carry all your luggage when exploring, havin fun, and talking with the locals. 

Is a Backpack a Good Diaper Bag?

It has become popular for parents to carry backpacks as diaper bags and their main bags because they have many storage pockets.

In a bookbag, you have storage pockets for water bottles, diapers, and other luggage, as well as a spot for your laptop if you are working on the go. 

Also, carrying a bag or tote over one shoulder isn’t ideal for a tourist because of all the walking they will be doing. Therefore, backpacks are easier on your arm and overall better to carry.

Does Wearing a Pack On Your Front Show You Are a Tourist?

Yes, when you see a guy carry a pack on the front instead of the back, he’s essentially saying he is a tourist. Being a tourist can make you a target for people trying to rob you, but it also makes it more difficult for them to do so because your stuff is in plain sight. 

Should I Travel With a Suitcase or a Daypack?

Overall, it depends where you are traveling in the world. It could be easier to have a daypack when traveling to a destination with a high theft rate so you can be agile. A pack can also be a bit more easily managed when worn because of all the inside storage.

The choice also depends on if you are a heavy or light packer. Do you bring a lot of clothes with you on vacation, or do you repeat outfits? If you are a heavy packer, a suitcase makes the most logical sense, but you will have to leave it at a hotel or somewhere with a lock.

If you are traveling through hostels or on foot, you will need to ditch the larger bags. Only guys obsessed with the gym will be able to lug around a huge bookbag all day. 

Additionally, oversized baggage is not easily accessible when traveling around the world because you have to get them checked at each new location. Plus, you cannot carry these items around from place to place easily.


If you choose to use a backpack instead of a suitcase for your travels, it may be beneficial to wear it on the front of your body, so you can keep an eye on your surroundings and feel safe in new areas. 

This fashion technique may make you look silly when exploring around town, and you may stick out like a sore thumb, but you are less likely to get your things stolen. 

Furthermore, bookbags allow you to access your items quickly, which comes in handy when you have a child. 

However, overall, there is no correct or incorrect way to carry your items, so choose what makes your travels safe, easy, and comfortable. You should also research the country, city, and crime rate before making your storage decision.