Do You Need a Passport To Go To Tulum?

With popular tourist destinations and beautiful beach resorts, Mexico is an amazing place to go on vacation.

Tulum offers some of the best beachside cabanas and rentals in the country, but do you need a passport to visit there?

Anyone entering Mexico by air must have a valid passport and have completed additional arrival documentation. If you enter Mexico by land, there are some other options like a passport card or SENTRI card, but passports are also accepted. Cruise ships that depart and return to the US don’t require passports. 

Traveling to Tulum

The identification you need to go to Tulum depends mostly on how you intend to get there, whether by land, air, or sea. 

At land-border crossings, all travelers entering Mexico are required to provide a valid passport or other accepted identification such as a passport card or SENTRI card. 

You typically don’t need these while traveling throughout Mexico, just at the point of entry.

Anyone flying into Mexico, from the US or other foreign countries, must provide a valid passport at the time of entry. 

The passport must not be expired, must be in good condition and no older than ten years old, and must have at least one blank page to be stamped. 

At this time, you’ll also need to fill out and have a Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) when you enter Mexico. 

Keep any proof of reservations on you as well, since border agents may ask for them. 

The only time you may not be required to have a passport to go to Tulum is if you go on a cruise ship. 

US citizens that embark on closed-loop cruises don’t need passports to re-enter the US. A closed-loop cruise embarks from and returns to the same port city. 

US citizens that enter Mexico by sea can enter port towns for short visits, like those cruise liners make, according to the Mexican Embassy

Passports or cards are required if they travel beyond those port towns. 

While legally travelers may not be required to have a passport to enter Mexico by sea or return to the US, cruise operators may require a passport as a form of id. 

You’ll have to check the rules for your specific cruise for a sure answer. 

Can I Go To Cancun Without a Passport?

Many people wonder if another Mexican tourist destination, Cancun, can be visited without a passport. 

Just like Tulum, Cancun follows the same visa, immigration, and identification requirements as the rest of Mexico. 

Travelers going to Cancun by land or air must have a passport or passport card. 

Cruise ship travelers aren’t required to possess passports for short trips to port towns as long as they enter by sea. 

Basically, the same rules apply to visiting any city in Mexico. 

What happens if you get caught in Mexico without a passport?

Foreign citizens traveling through Mexico are required to keep their passports and entry permit with them at all times. 

If you travel beyond the immediate border area without a passport, you risk being detained by Mexican officials. 

If you fail to present all required documentation, immigration officials can detain you for up to 60 days while your status is reviewed. 

Keep in mind that immigration checkpoints are common throughout the interior of Mexico and around popular tourist areas. 

You can eventually be fined, jailed, or deported and will no longer be allowed to enter Mexico. 

Can I cross the US border without a passport?

US citizens can cross US borders without a passport and generally can’t be denied entry back into the US. 

All travelers entering the US by air, US citizen or not, are required to show a valid passport at their point of entry. 

Land borders have slightly more flexible rules than entering by air. 

A variety of other forms of identification allow travelers to cross into or out of the US border. 

Passports, passport cards, NEXUS cards, and EDLs (enhanced driver’s licenses) are all examples of acceptable identification. 

In some cases, travelers may be allowed to cross from Mexico or Canada with a driver’s license, but this is for short visits and is usually limited to specific cities that are directly on the borders. 

Where can US citizens go without a passport?

A US passport allows travelers to enter 173 countries without the need for additional visas. 

But while most countries require a passport for entry and the US requires a passport for citizens returning to the US, there are a few places you can visit without needing a passport.

US citizens can travel freely throughout all 50 US states without the need for a passport. If you drive to Alaska, you may be required to show a passport at the Canadian border. 

Domestic flights don’t require a passport, but you must have a REAL ID, which can be an updated driver’s license. 

You can also visit any US territory without the need for a passport. 

This includes five spectacular vacation destinations: U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Programs like the Trusted Traveler Program allow US citizens to visit Canada or Mexico without the need for a passport. 

Generally, these id cards are reserved for people who travel over the border frequently like truckers or those in border towns. 

Cruises, like the ones we discussed that visit Tulum, can sometimes allow you to visit countries without requiring a passport. 

This depends on which country the cruise stops at and the country’s requirements for cruise visitors. 


If you plan to visit Tulum by land or by flying there, you’ll need a passport to enter Mexico. 

The only time a passport (and other required documents) aren’t needed to visit Tulum would be if you go on a cruise that stops in the city. 

If this is the case, you won’t be able to leave the immediate area of Tulum without risking penalty and your cruise must both embark and return to the same US port city.