Do Hotel Rooms Have Irons?

As time passes, hotels tend to add more to their rooms to make a guest’s stay as convenient as possible.

Iron can come in handy for making all of your clothes presentable after cramming them into a suitcase or bag. 

But do hotel rooms come with an iron?

Generally, you’ll be able to find an iron and ironing board in your hotel room. Hotels aren’t required to leave one in the room, but they tend to keep one in each room as a courtesy. If you can’t find it, you can call the front desk or use other techniques to straighten your clothes. 

What Comes In a Hotel Room?

Hotels want you to feel as at home as possible in your room and provide several complementary items (and things you can pay for, like mini bars) in your rooms. 

While items outside toiletries aren’t considered “standard practices,” most hotels offer the same amenities because they compete with each other. 

By “standard practices,” we mean that every hotel is required in the industry to provide certain items or services. However, just because something isn’t required, doesn’t mean it isn’t commonplace. 

Your room will almost always have a bed, bathroom with a toilet and shower, a desk, and other sitting furniture like chairs or a couch. 

The bathroom will have towels, shampoos, soaps, and toilet paper. As for extras, the bathrooms may also include a hairdryer and even a straightener. 

Nearly every hotel will have at least one TV in the room, a clock, and a phone to make calls to the front desk. 

You’ll almost always find a coffee maker, coffee, and teas complimentary with the room. Near this, you can usually find a refrigerator where you can store drinks, snacks, or groceries. 

Wi-fi is standard in every hotel now, but guests can pay extra for a premium service that gives their device access to faster internet speeds. Premium Wi-fi comes in handy if you happen to be working on the road. 

There might be a bar in your hotel, but you can also usually find a mini-bar inside your room. There will be tiny, single-shot alcoholic beverages and snacks in the bar. Unfortunately, these aren’t free most of the time and are added to your hotel charge when you check out. 

Most hotels also provide many other convenience items in your room, like an iron and ironing board. 

How to Iron Your Clothes in a Hotel

Most of the time, you’ll be able to find an iron in your hotel room. Typically, there will be a small utility closet or dresser with doors; inside, you can find an iron and ironing board. 

If you can’t find the iron, you can always call the front desk to either request one or get directions to find the iron in your room. 

The real question you must ask yourself is whether you trust that a hotel’s iron is in good working condition.

The irons in hotel rooms are more likely to burn or stain your clothes than the ones you have at home. Unfortunately, irons aren’t standard practice for hotels, so they aren’t checked regularly. 

If you decide to use the iron in your room, you can iron your clothes as usual. However, if you’d prefer not to use it but need your clothes ironed, you have a few other options available. 

For clothes that are just wrinkled and don’t need a firm pressing, you can hang them in the bathroom. Then, take a hot shower or run the hot water and let a combination of steam and gravity get the wrinkles out of your clothes. 

When your clothes need to be pressed, see if you or someone brought a hair straightener. The heat and pressure are a great way to straighten your collars and shirts. 

Alternatively, you can use the hotel’s hair dryer to straighten out your clothes. First, wet the part with a crease or wrinkle, then dry it with a blast of hot air and press it against the counter. 

Coffee pots and cooking pots can work as makeshift iron as well. You can do this by heating the pot with water, then using it to press your clothes into the ironing board or counter. 

Another option is to use a wet towel spread and pressed over a wrinkled area. Make sure to use a flat surface and apply pressure to the towel over the affected area. 

The front desk may have a steamer you can borrow instead of an iron. These are much better at pressing suits; you can generally borrow one for free. 

The front desk may be able to press your suit for you, though it’s usually going to be a paid-for service. But, of course, you can always ask up front if there’s a nearby dry-cleaning service. 

Do Hotels Iron Clothes For You?

Hotels don’t always offer an ironing service for you, but you can always ask if it’s available. 

Quite a few hotels have recently added ironing as an offered service, but this is generally reserved for frequent-guest members. 

These perks are a reason to stay with the same hotel chain as much as possible. These membership and frequent guest programs can save you money and give you access to more services than you would get as a typical guest. 


You’ll almost always be able to find an iron and ironing board in your hotel room. After being crammed into a suitcase, any nice clothes you have will need to be de-wrinkled or pressed to return them to look presentable. 

If there isn’t iron in your room, you can use the other techniques we discussed to press them and get the wrinkles out.