Can You Book A Hotel With Southwest Points?

With the Southwest Airlines Rapids Rewards program, you earn points with every flight you book. 

Once you get enough points, you can use them to book other flights, save money on airline extras, and for travel arrangements like car rentals or hotels.

You can use Southwest points to book a hotel. To access your points, head to the Rapid Rewards area of your account on the Southwest website, then choose Southwest Hotels. You then book your hotel through the search portal.

Can Southwest Points Only Be Redeemed For Certain Hotels?

You can only redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards points at hotels partnered with the airline. 

Fortunately, Southwest has partnerships with over 70,000 hotels worldwide, so finding suitable accommodation is quite convenient. 

If you want to use your points, you can use the Southwest Rewards portal under My Account. 

You can also navigate to the Rapid Rewards Partners homepage and either search for a hotel or select from the featured brands like Best Western, Radisson, Marriott, or Hyatt.  

You’ll still need a credit card to book the hotel and pay any fees or taxes not covered by points.

Can You Earn Southwest Points Without Flying?

There are other ways to earn Southwest Points other than through booking flights. 

If you have the Southwest Airlines credit card, you can use it for any purchase and earn points when you spend. 

You can also earn points by dining at partner restaurants or by staying at partner hotels, renting cars, and using certain ground transportation when traveling. 

Can Southwest Points Be Redeemed For Flight Amenities?

Southwest Points cannot be used for flight amenities such as checked bags, extra bags, inflight drinks, or any other extras that have added fees. 

You can use your rewards for the flight tickets, but you’ll have to pay for any additional flight amenities.

Can Southwest Points Be Used to Book Hotels For Other People?

Yes, you can use your points to book hotels for other people. 

You’ll have to use your Rapid Rewards account to make the booking, and the redeemed travel offer must be in the account holder’s name. 

You will need to know the other traveler’s information when you make the booking. 

Keep in mind that when you book a flight or a hotel for another person, that person will not be able to make any changes to the travel arrangements. 

All changes need to be made by the account holder.

Are There Any Perks That Come With Being a Rapids Rewards Member?

Many perks come with being a member of Southwest and Rapid Rewards. 

Membership in the program comes in different tiers, and benefits range from priority boarding to same-day flight changes. 

The more points you earn and the more flights you book, the better the perks become. 

As you move up through the tiers, the benefits also improve, and more bonuses become available. 

Is There a Booking Fee When Using Southwest Points?

Southwest does not charge a booking fee when you use your points to redeem a hotel room. 

You may, however, be responsible for paying any other fees associated with your stay. These may include resort fees, taxes, or government fees. 

These cannot be covered with Southwest Points and must be paid with a credit card or, in some cases, cash when you arrive at the hotel. 


Southwest Points are a great option for anyone who travels often. Every time you book a flight or make arrangements through a Southwest partner, you can earn points. 

You can use your points to redeem special travel perks that save you money on hotels, car rentals, and more. 

Points can be used for hotel reservations but don’t cover any extra fees associated with your stay (like local taxes). The same applies to any other rewards you book with your points.

Some restrictions apply when redeeming Southwest points, so it’s important to understand your membership rank and what redemption options are available to you.