Can You Bring Hair Mousse on a Plane?

Since hair mousse commonly comes in aerosol form, it’s usually regarded as dangerous by experts.

After all, aerosol products can literally burn the house down!

Thankfully, as long as your hair mousse is of travel size (3.4 ounces or 100ml), you’re permitted to bring it on a plane either as a carry-on or checked luggage, irrespective of whether it is aerosol or non-aerosol.  

To make your case even stronger and not give the authorities any reason to confiscate your item, I’d advise you to seal your hair mousse in a 1-quart, clear plastic, zip-top bag.

If the zip-top bag has extra space, you can even store your other toiletries (liquids, aerosols, gels) such as antiperspirants, shaving cream, body mists, suntan lotion, etc.

However, as stated earlier, they must all be stored in containers of 3.4 oz or 100ml.

Are all Aerosol Products Allowed on a Plane?

A person holding an aerosol product.

No, not all aerosol products are allowed on a plane. Products such as air fresheners, paints, car cosmetics, cleaning agents, and varnishes are all prohibited on a plane.

Only aerosol toiletries, such as mousse or hairspray are allowed on a plane and in limited quantities.

If you wish to take your hair mousse along with you as a carry-on, the can/bottle must be smaller than 3.4 oz or 100ml.

If that amount isn’t enough for you, you should consider taking more hair mousse with you in your checked bag.

In your checked suitcase, you’re allowed to carry a total of 70 oz of aerosols. Plus, the bottles/cans can be 18 oz or 500ml.

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Why is the TSA (U.S Transportation Security Administration) Strict With Aerosol Products?

Aerosol products are considered highly dangerous by the TSA for a variety of reasons.

The thing is— aerosol cans are susceptible to exploding and turning into a dangerous projectile when shaken, dropped, overheated, or impacted. 

After all, they boast a unique mix of substances stored under high pressure.

As a matter of fact, even empty cans can cause an explosion as they can still have chemical residues present inside. 

That’s why professionals insist on never puncturing or piercing empty cans.

And, as for why household aerosol products such as solvents, insecticides, varnishes, adhesives, and cleaners are forbidden on planes, it’s because they contain chemicals that can prove to be extremely hazardous when inhaled or absorbed.

Thankfully, aerosol toiletries aren’t as harmful as household aerosol products, which is why they’re deemed safe enough to carry on a plane.   

Now, bear in mind that aerosol toiletries aren’t completely safe either. You should understand that they still have the potential to explode in case a fire breaks out.

So, be a responsible traveler and ensure your 3.4 oz hair mousse is tightly sealed for flights.

What’s the Best Way to Travel With Hair Products?

Close-up photo of different hair products.

Seeing you here, it’s quite clear that you don’t compromise with your hair products. And, why would you? 

After all, good hair products are often the deciding factor between you looking great or out of sorts on your vacation.

So, keeping your worries in mind, I’ve decided to compile a list of things you can do to make sure your hair products stay in pristine condition, even when your luggage is mishandled.

Check your containers

When packing your products, it’s a good idea to separate the liquids from the powders and gels.

After doing that, I’d advise you to check your liquid containers and see that they’re tightly sealed. 

You can even cover the cap with tape for extra security. Then, you can place the liquid containers in a plastic bag and wrap the plastic with tape again.

As for powders and gels, they are easy to travel with as they don’t leak. You can easily secure them in a blanket or soft cloth.

Purchase a good makeup organizer

Having a good cosmetic bag can make a world of difference in your travels; with it, you can store your essentials, including hair products, in an organized manner. 

So, no more grabbing your conditioner when looking for your hair mousse. Plus, a good cosmetic bag can give your products an extra layer of security.

Store them all in a hard case suitcase

Not only are hard shell suitcases durable beyond belief, but they also offer great security, portability, and versatility.

Additionally, unlike soft shell cases that soak up spills and smell, hard shell cases don’t as they aren’t lined with fabric.

This means that even if your products were to spill inside your bag, there would be no long-term damage in your hard case suitcase. 

A quick, simple wipe with a dry or wet cloth would reverse the situation. That’s why I recommend getting a hard case suitcase for your travels.


Now that you know it’s possible to bring your hair mousse on a plane, you don’t need to worry anymore. 

You can travel to your destination safe in the knowledge that your hair will look good, regardless of the weather condition.