5 Ways to Slow Down and Truly Enjoy Your Vacation

Every vacation should be relaxing and rejuvenating, it does not matter if you plan to spend your days in an amusement park, the beach, camp or in another city or country. You should be able to truly enjoy your vacation all the way and return back home more relaxed than you left.

However, this is never the case with most people, as they often return home more stressed and tired than they left. This is all due to bad vacation planning.

In a smart world where everything is at your fingertips, you might forget the real meaning of vacation and synchronize everything via your phone, even your time.

Nevertheless, you can still manage to enjoy it, even with all the flooded information. You just filter what you truly need to enjoy this small time. Here is how you can slow down and enjoy your next vacation anywhere.

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5 Tips to Truly Enjoy Your Vacation

1.    Hire a Luxury Car

If you want to truly enjoy your vacation and get a chance to rest your head, then rent an exotic car hire from Apex or any other car hire agency around where you want to spend your vacation. This way you get to enjoy your time on the road.

It is not expensive, considering the fun stops you will get to make solo or with friends and family. It also gives you too much freedom, from timing to traveling to different places like small towns and exotic villages.

Therefore, if you want to relax and slow down your ride, for a perfect vacation time, hire or rent a car that is ideal for your holiday plans.

2.    Pack Light

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Always pack light for any vacation. A carry-on luggage is the best way to go. This can help you get into and out of the streets, airports and even bus parks very quickly, thus saving you loads of time.

You will be out exploring in no time, rather than dragging around with big luggage, that can be stressful and not relaxing at all. Besides, it will lighten your feet, and for basic needs like toiletries, you can always pick them up as you globe trot.

3.    Pick a Relaxing Place

Destination choice is important for a slow relaxing vacation, so make sure you pick a place with a laid back tranquil atmosphere. This way you make most of it, by enjoying picturesque views as well as breathing clean fresh air.

The options for a relaxing atmosphere are endless, from the lakeside lodges to countryside viewpoints, romantic beaches and woodland cabins. The choice depends on what relaxes you.

4.    Stay Unplugged

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While on a vacation, you should try as much as possible to stay unplugged from your work, smartphone, and even laptop. It can be hard for some but this is the only way to guarantee that you will enjoy most of the spectacular views as well as landmarks in your vacation itinerary.

You can opt to leave such items home, or carry them but create a time for them after you are done for the day. If you are to use such devices for your holiday, then make sure it is to enhance it and not be a source of distraction.

5.    Hire a Guide

This is probably one of the best investments you can make for your holiday vacation, especially if it is a short one. Most cities often have tour companies that can help you employ a local guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of their city.

This way you get to enjoy as well as get a feel of the personal perspective of the small town or village. Moreover, you will get to discover some of the best places in the city through them, something that would be hard if you were riding solo.

In the end, you get to save time, energy and even some bit of resources by eating and shopping in some of the best and affordable places. You also get to stay safe by staying on the right side of town, with minimal to zero robberies.


As you can see, staying relaxed and truly enjoy your vacation whether it’s small or long holiday is not that hard if you have your life and perspectives in order. You can check some other ways to stay relaxed during your vacation, but for now feel free to start with the above five as you improvise along the way.

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