Yzerfontein on the South African West Coast

The less travelled road that leads from Cape Town to Oranjemund on the southern border of Namibia is 800 kilometres long. It follows an inland route for the entire journey, saving the adjacent beaches from exploitation for generations to come. I am going to explore the fishing villages it branches off to with you in the course of the next few weeks. The first one we come to after leaving Cape Town is the small harbour town of Yzerfontein South Africa with its famous Sixteen Mile Beach stretching into the distance.

Yzerfontein South Africa: Sixteen Mile Beach
Sixteen Mile Beach, Yzerfontein: Photo Mick Taylor / CC BY-SA 2.0

Yzerfontein South Africa

Holiday Homes

The village comprises mainly retirement and holiday homes, being an easy two-hour drive from Cape Town. In wild flower season, visitors compete for the few beds available in local guesthouses. Booking is essential. There is nothing quite like scrunching along paths paved with black mussel shells. The contents taste exceedingly good in creamy garlic sauce and you can buy them direct from fisher folk.

Yzerfontein South Africa: Holiday Homes
Holiday Homes: Photo Jochem Koole / CC BY 2.0

Darling’s Darling Wild Flower

In springtime when rain is still lying in the fields inland, a myriad of wildflowers sprout and bloom for a few precious weeks during late August to early October The best are on the outskirts of a village named Darling half an hour’s drive away inland. This display of vibrant colours is a sight not to miss. Photo opportunities from the boardwalks are endless.

Yzerfontein South Africa: Wild Flowers at Darling
Wild Flowers at Darling: Photo on Flickr by Jochem Koole / CC BY 2.0

Fishing Harbour

The coast off Yzerfontein teems with marine life, including the legendary snoek fighting fish that is delicious barbecued over coals or in tinfoil. You can buy them directly from fishing boats as they return to Yzerfontein South Africa in the early evening. Have your fire ready and try this traditional recipe. When the sun sets across the fishing harbour the views are quite magnificent.

Yzerfontein South Africa: Sunset
Sunset at Yzerfontein: Photo Tim Parkinson / CC BY 2.0

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