World Top 10 Holiday Destinations for 2017

Everybody needs a break from their daily routine, and needs to take some time off it while traveling to places left unexplored. While browsing through the internet you may come across a lot of places that sound so magical and raw, that you feel the need to breathe the city’s air. The world is constantly changing and will give you an excuse for exploring all of it. Our travel experts have discovered our top 10 places; that have emerged as the popular world top 10 holiday destinations for 2017 that you should visit.

World Top 10 Holiday Destinations for your 2017 vacation


chille. world top 10 holiday destinations

After picking up the World Travel Awards last year; Chile has become the one of the most adventurous of the world top 10 holiday destinations for 2017. Chile has slowly and methodically become South America’s most popular destination, packed with biodiversity, topographies and ecosystems. The country has 36 national parks, boutique hotels and the remote Atacama desert in the north, lying to the west of the Andes mountain range, making Chile a wonderful place to explore.


Canada. world top 10 holiday destinations

Canada is a country which is both beautiful and varied; making it an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation and so visiting the country means that you will be celebrating a long national birthday party. Take a big journey on big distances and bigger landscapes.


Athens. world top 10 holiday destinations

Athens has dependably been known as an old city that has been re-newed. Rather, what is new is its expanding status as a present-day arts capital. Book a room in the shadow of the Acropolis at the boutique inn, and set aside a few minutes for a souvlaki or three. Though it has for quite some time played second fiddle to other European capitals like Rome, and is often regarded as a stopover for those going to other destinations such as Corfu; Athens has at the end of the day become one of the world top 10 holiday destinations for 2017.


There is a great choice of Singapore holiday packages, which give you an exciting reason enough to go and explore this tiny island. Singapore is a place that screams greenery and cleanliness from the time you step your foot on it, till the time you depart. There are many popular attractions that invite visitors to Singapore from all around the world. Some special Singapore holiday packages include almost every possible place in its itinerary like the Botanical Gardens, night safari, Sentosa and many other popular family spots.

Portugal and Azores

Portugal. world top 10 holiday destinations
Portugal. Flickr: boris bo / CC BY-NC 2.0

The new Museum for Art, Architecture, and Technology opened on the banks of the Tagus River in October. A whole town on the outskirts of the capital has transformed itself into a shelter for avid readers. Consider, then again, a stopover in the Azores, a self-sufficient locale of Portugal amidst the Atlantic with a redid aircraft and surprising differing qualities of territory. With its mountain beach and jungle combo, it might supplant Iceland as the following spot everybody’s meeting.


Jerusalem. world top 10 holiday destinations

Beachy Tel Aviv gets a considerable measure of adoration; yet Jerusalem is demonstrating it with much more to offer than religious sites and old landmarks. The Latin-combination nourishment scene is blooming, Burrito Chai in the Mahane Yehuda market is a hot ticket on Saturday evenings. While the mixed drink scene is going to get a critical expansion when the J’lem station of Brown Hotel opens, finish with another bar in a onetime underground cistern in March.

New Zealand

New Zealand. world top 10 holiday destinations

The greener-than-green locale of Northland in New Zealand, just increased its luxury offerings with the opening of the multi-million dollar Helena Bay resort. The main extravagance stop in Northland located ideally on a private beach, which implies you can have a dawn plunge with the passing dolphins, outside your room’s sea confronting glass doors.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. world top 10 holiday destinations
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Flickr: Christiaan Triebert / CC BY-NC 2.0

The nation of Zimbabwe is working up its tourism foundation in spite of, and, some of the time, regardless of, years of financial downturn and tyrant administration. A similar strength is on show in the nation’s preservation endeavours. There’s been a clampdown on poaching and biodiversity prospers in Hwange National Park, the nation’s biggest game reserve.


Mountain gorillas. world top 10 holiday destinations
Mountain gorillas. Flickr: David Axe / CC BY-NC 2.0

In June 2017, Wilderness Safaris’ Bisate Lodge will open in a dissolved volcanic cone in Rwanda. Situated only a short drive to the entrance to Volcanoes National Park, where guests can see the endangered mountain gorilla. This is a prime case of a safari lodge making a firm responsibility to conservation and community improvement.


Uruguay. world top 10 holiday destinations

It has lovely shorelines that extend for miles, spectacular sustenance including a portion of the world’s best beef; and incredible little creation wines that are shockingly moderate. Best known for Francis Mallmann’s Restaurante Garzon, Uruguay is presently observing another influx of guests; because Bodega Garzón, a 205,000-square-foot winery is controlled by re­new­able vitality.

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