Reasons You Must Visit Alcudia, Majorca

I spent much of my childhood visiting the stunning port of Alcudia, Majorca on family holidays, and I absolutely loved it. I haven’t visited since 2009, but my 5 trips there really do hold some of my best childhood memories. Situated in the northern part of the island of Majorca, about an hour from Palma Airport, Alcudia is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in Europe, and for good reason too. In fact, writing this article is already making me miss this gorgeous place so much, and I’m getting rather jealous of all those lucky peeps who have had the chance to visit this summer! Anyway, whether you’re planning on spending the latter part of August sunning it up in Majorca, or if you’re just curious about what the lovely Alcudia has to offer, then here are several reasons why Alcudia is the place to be for a summer holiday.

Why You Should Visit Alcudia

The beach is to die for

Known to be one of the best in Europe, Alcudia Beach is a dreamy white sand beach that stretches on for miles. In fact, the beach is the main reason why so many people flock to Alcudia in the summer months, eager to feel the sand between their toes and swim in the warm Mediterranean sea. I can honestly say that my favourite beach in the world is still, to this day, Alcudia Beach. And I’m even comparing it to Brazilian beaches!

Why You Should Visit Alcudia: Port d'Alcudia
Port d’Alcudia by Cristian Bortes on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It doesn’t break the bank

Unlike many of Europe’s summer holiday destinations, Alcudia really does have something for everyone, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Alcudia has a range of hotels with something different to offer, and flights from the UK can be cheap when booked in advance. Plus, the substantial amount of online package holiday websites these days means that there’s always a reasonably priced holiday to Alcudia available! Thank God for technology and all that!

Why You Should Visit Alcudia: The beach of Alcudia
The beach of Alcudia by when_night_falls on Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

So much seafood…

Alcudia’s seafood restaurants are among the best in Europe, and I can still remember trying to open a crab with a dodgy pair of pliers when I was about 13 and thought I was being all grown-up by ordering the seafood paella. I think the waiter gave up and did it for me in the end, but nevertheless, it was a great dish. If you’re a sucker for typical Spanish cuisine and having an abundance of seafood on the menu, then you’ll never want to leave Alcudia.

Why You Should Visit Alcudia: Paella by Feda Wong
Paella by Feda Wong on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

It’s a fun place to be

Alcudia is perfect for those who don’t fancy the madness of Magaluf, but still want to have some fun. Hidropark is one of the best water parks in Europe, and it’s just a short coach journey from Alcudia. Although tickets to the park can be obtained from practically every hotel in the region, cheaper tickets can be bought online on the Spanish Groupon website – Perfect for those travelling on a tight budget! After a day at Hidropark, tourists can sample the infamous cocktails at the Alcudia bars before heading to one of the local clubs. If you’re a bit of a history whizz like me, then you’ll love visiting Alcudia’s Old Town.

Why You Should Visit Alcudia: Alcudia Old Town
Alcudia Old Town by Cristian Bortes on Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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