Why I Travel: Motivations That Keep Me on The Road (or Sky) 24/7

When I am not traveling, I am usually planning my next destination or reminiscing about them through my writing. Ask me what my hobby is and I will tell you without hesitation that it is simply…traveling.  It all started during my teenage years when my dream of visiting New York came to fruition. Perhaps it was the allure of the city, or the way it made me feel closer to home, but I decided from then on that I wanted to see more of the world. I loved the experience of new surroundings, the travel motivations and yearning to learn about everything I had no idea about, and most importantly, the freedom that it allowed me to have.

Travel Motivations that keep me on the Road

Experiences: Sights, Sounds, Tastes

Ever watched the Planet Earth series? It was not just David Attenborough’s voice that glued me on my seat. It was all those amazing natural sights our planet has to offer. I mean, if it looks that incredible on television, can you imagine how much more so it will be in real life? There is a saying that seeing is believing and in those cases, absolutely! Now, I am a fan of the orchestra and the beautiful music it creates when all the instruments are in tuned with each other, but some of my best travel memories came from the simplest experience with sound: birds chirping as I hiked in Corniglia, the romantic tune of Beethoven from a street violinist in Romerplatz, or the incredible force of The Niagara. And to think that I could have missed out on all of these seems unthinkable to me these days. Anyone who knows me also knows that one of the travel motivations that excites me about travel is food. I just love that bit of it…trying local cuisines is always on my travel to-do list because I truly believe that food is an essential part of one’s culture. I also believe that every traveler has a responsibility to support the local economy. Go native because when you eat like a local, you start living like a local. That, for me, is the best way to travel.

Travel Motivations that keep me on the Road: NYC Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC Skyline

Continuous Learning

I have been extremely fortunate to have the privilege to travel to as many places in my young life and make no mistake; I treasure every single experience on the road, whether it is good or bad. Traveling for me is not just about discovering different places or learning about other cultures, but to an extent, it is also about finding new bits of myself in the process. Travel has taught me NOT to take peaceful demonstrations for granted (it can disrupt your logistic planning in ways you simply cannot imagine!) and that sh*t really does happen sometimes even on holidays and that you are powerless to do anything about it. Like eroding rocks from the Swiss Alps that caused a major blockage on the train route you were suppose to take that day… It has also taught me to be more understanding towards other people, especially those whose language is different than mine, and that kindness, even in the smallest of amounts, can have a lasting effect on someone. Every single trip is a new learning experience.

Travel Motivations that keep me on the Road: Pleasure Point In Capitola, CA
Pleasure Point In Capitola, CA


Sometimes my travel motivations and desire to explore is driven by my desire to escape. When I was younger, my annual summer trip around the U.S. was the one thing I can look forward to. It allowed me to escape the heat in Texas (believe me, that in itself is reason enough to celebrate), the confines of my suburban home, and whatever concerns I had back then that I did not want to deal with. The freedom of not having to worry about schoolwork deadlines or other people’s opinions was always a welcomed thought. As I grew older, my reasons for wanting to travel have shifted, but once in a while, when stresses in life just becomes rather overwhelming, I will not hesitate to jump on the next available flight just to clear my head and gather a new perspective.

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