What to Expect on a 5 Day Nepal Trek

Tight on time or new to the trekking game but really keen to get your walk on in Nepal? No problem. In this nation of snow mountains and Sherpas, there’s plenty of shorter trekking options for newbie and time-poor travellers. The good news is, they’re just as awe-inspiring as their 20-day counterparts. With beautiful mountain vistas, sacred sites and plenty of charming teahouses along the way, a shorter trek still cuts the mustard for your visit to Nepal. Here’s what you can expect from a jaunt in the region on a 5 day Nepal trek.

Expect: to see eight of the world’s 20 tallest mountains

… or at least those who take the Jomsom Muktinath Trek can. Part of the Annapurna Circuit, the Jomsom trek explores the glorious Mustang region, famed for its lush forests, arid terrains and colossal caves. Here, trekkers will witness the ultimate line-up. Eight of the tallest mountains including the Machhapuchhare at 6997 metres, Annapurna I at 8088 metres and Nilgiri at 7039 metres are on show on this trail, as are some of the country’s most sacred forts and monasteries. Following the footsteps of the ancient trade route along the Kali Ghandaki River, this Nepal trek can be ticked off the list in as little as five days.

Jomsom Muktinath, 5 Day Nepal Trek
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Expect: home comforts

While lengthier, more remote 20-25 day treks calls for evenings in the tent, Nepal’s shorter treks boast plenty of comfortable lodgings for visitors. Five-day trekkers can venture through the mountain wilderness safe in the knowledge that a hot meal and a warm bed is never too far off.

Expect: to save in spades

If you’re looking to do some Nepal trekking on the cheap; a shorter five-day adventure is an easy way to keep your finances out of the red. A concise route means tour guides, extra transport costs and accommodation remains reasonable; and you’ll leave smug in the fact that you ticked a once-in-a-lifetime experience off the bucket list and didn’t break the bank in the process.

Expect: family-friendly adventures

See your clan as the modern-day version of The Sound of Music’s Von Trapps? If so, it’s about time you got acquainted with Nepal’s shorter treks. Five-day adventures are more popular with families than ever before for good reason.

Poon Hill, 5 Day Nepal Trek
Poon Hill Trek: Adobe Stock Images License

The best 5 day Nepal trek for families

With a max elevation of 3210 metres; the popular Poon Hill Trek takes walkers through the rhododendron forest and local villages. Less physically demanding than longer trails; the Poon Hill Trek has access to facilities throughout; a necessity when bringing the little ones along.

Further off the tourist trail, the Annapurna Community Homestay Trek is another great option for families. Peaking at Mohare Danda at 3320 metres, this trail swaps tourists for local farmers, yak herders and village people. An easy walk, expect a healthy dose of culture and community on this five-day ramble through the Annapurna region.

Everest Trekking, 5 day nepal trek
Everest Nepal Trekking: Adobe Stock Images License

Local assistance

It’s not just the easier walking trails that lend themselves to family adventures; guides of shorter treks are also on-board to help your little ones through the journey. From bag porters to horse rides and even the option for someone to carry your child through the journey; handy local services are part and parcel of five-day treks in the region.

Expect: all of the natural beauty, without all of the strain

From delighting in the diverse wildlife and flora on the Shivapuri Trek to enjoying the jaw-dropping views of the Everest and Ama Dablam mountains on the Everest View Trek; five-day trails allow visitors to experience the glorious Himalayas without too much heavy lifting. For more valuable trekking tips and resources, this complete guide to trekking in Nepal will further prepare you for your next trekking adventure.

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