Belgian Food – 4 Popular Dishes

The most successful export products of Belgium are without question related to food. There’s hardly anyone that hasn’t heard of Belgian food such as waffles and chocolates. Beer enthusiasts are all about the wide varieties of Belgian beers, while frites were originally invented in Belgium—not in France!

With such a rich culinary scene, any visit to Belgium has to include some time to try some traditional Belgian food. To help you out with that, I have put together a list of my personal favorite Belgian food—four dishes that are probably less known to many of you, but that are definitely worth having. That’s a guarantee!

What to Eat in Belgium – 4 Lesser-known Dishes to Try

Flemish Stew

While the fries in this picture don’t require an explanation, the Flemish stew may. Flemish stew is a hearty stew from Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of the country. It consists of beef, onion, mustard, herbs and, the secret ingredient, beer.

What to Eat in Belgium: Frites and Flemish stew
Frites and Flemish stew

Blood Sausage

The name “blood sausage” may not appeal to everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely yummy. This typical black sausage is made with pork, breadcrumbs and, indeed, pig’s blood. Served with a slice of bread and some apple sauce, this makes for a delicious lunch or snack.

What to Eat in Belgium: Pens or blood sausage
“Pensen” are typical Belgian blood sausages


Also popular in France and the Netherlands, vol-au-vent is a traditional meal that is found in pretty much every Belgian restaurant. It’s one of my favorite dishes, a stew of chicken, meatballs and mushrooms served in a light puff pastry and with a side of potatoes or fries and oftentimes also a small salad.

What to Eat in Belgium: Vol-au-vent
Vol-au-vent, served with a salad


Stoemp is basically nothing more than mashed potatoes with other vegetables mixed in it. It is an authentically Belgian dish, though. Stoemp is a popular side dish, often made with carrots or cabbage.

What to Eat in Belgium: Sausage and stoemp
Sausage and “stoemp” made with mashed potatoes and carrots

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