What A Crazy Fun Trip Looks Like

A vacation is always a memorable experience. You may not remember every aspect of it but you certainly recall the highlights. Who can forget that fun trip to Disneyland or that quirky restaurant? What about that time you and your significant other went parasailing? As the activities that take place on a trip often make the trip itself, it’s a great idea to plan some fun excursions ahead of time. Here are some fun events that can add excitement to any trip.

A crowded amusement park at night, fun trip

Visit an attraction

Amusement parks, museums, casinos, arcades, and zoos all have one thing in common. Attractions. Often times entire trips are devoted to travelling to a far off place like Universal Studios, Six Flags, or Walley World. They are great places to take family when they visit. Even if they are not the primary destination they are great pit stops along the way. This is why a portion of an ocean cruise is dedicated to choosing port attractions. Parasailing, scuba diving, and even snorkelling add tons of value to a fun trip. So when you are planning a vacation be sure to include the attractions.

See a show

Live performances are fun excursions to enjoy on vacation. Whether it is a local play or a full concert, a live performance constitutes a fun evening on the town. It is usually combined with a nice dinner and formal wear. Performances that get the audience involved are great for time with family, whereas a good play can be the subject of a romantic evening with your soul mate.

A live performance can be the subject of a fun trip, a nice detour, or an impromptu adventure. No matter the case it can certainly liven up any trip. Shows are certainly a good time killer for long days at sea. This is why on a cruise ship you will find a full schedule of lively entertainment. From song reviews to stand-up comedy, to a renowned hypnotist seeing shows on a cruise ship is another part of their allure.

Mardi Gras parade, fun trip
Mardi Gras Celebrations in New Orleans

Attend a festival

New Orleans is a great place to visit during Mardi Gras. New York is spectacular during Christmas. All over the world, there are celebrations and festivals. The running of the bulls, 4th of July in D.C., or even obscure festivals for little-known regions. Attending one always makes for a fun trip. There are shows, attractions, good food, and a great representation of culture.

Events like Mardi Gras merit a trip of their very own, but happening upon a festival can be even more fun. You can also research online if any are going on where you are travelling too or along the way. Cruise lines like Sydney Princess Cruises will have a list of local festivals available for you. Sometimes they are even one of the planned excursions for port visits.

Catch a sporting event

Insert Mecca-like trip to favourite team’s stadium here, followed by standard mention of the Super Bowl. Attending a major event like the World Series, Stanley Cup, or any other significant sports event is definitely something you cannot forget. However, even if you are watching a triple-A team in a backwoods town, a sporting event is still loads of fun.

You get to enjoy the outdoors, eat some good food, and watch a live sport. Perfect for father-son bonding time. Great for a date. Who knows, you may even get caught by the kiss cam. A sporting event can be the subject of a fun trip, especially big events, but catching a local game on the fly can be a lot of fun too. Watching sporting events overseas is also a great way to experience another culture. Definitely not something you want to miss.

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