Western Australian Wildflowers in Australia’s Golden Outback

Exploring the wildflowers of Australia’s golden outback makes for a special getaway. Western Australia is the country’s largest state, and beyond Perth there are several small towns linked by a crisscrossing network of roads that wind out through a remarkable desert. Home to hardened miners and hardcore agriculturalists much of the landscape is left to the whims of Mother Nature. This in itself is worthy of an experience, but after the rains quench this parched land the desert sands spring to life. From June to November, each year Western Australian wildflowers turn on one of the most spectacular wildflower shows in the world. Over sixteen thousand different varieties of flowers grow here. More than sixty percent of them can only be found here in the desert.

Western Australian Wildflowers

Here are the top five most spectacular flowers that can be seen in Western Australia.

Red Kangaroo Paw
Red Kangaroo Paw

Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

The Red and Green Kangaroo Paw is the most famous of Western Australian wildflowers and is actually the state’s floral emblem. The shape of the flower closely resembles its namesake, yet the red base of the petals and the striking bottle-green tip create a feast for the eyes. The plant has grey-green leaves and the flowers rise eighty centimetres above the base on dark red stems. Found in massive clusters, it is easy to find on the open plains of the southern regions of Western Australia. Terrific clusters of this unique wildflower can be seen throughout Lesueur National Park, and from Gingin through to Cape Leeuwin.

Everlasting Flower

A type of daisy, the Everlasting Flower has a paper-like structure. The buds have almost a silvery hue. The Everlasting Flower grows anywhere from ten to sixty centimetres in height and forms thick carpets of yellow, pink or white daisies. Large clusters of this flower are found along the roadsides in the Tenindewa area. It is also found north of Mullewa, and throughout the Coalseam Conservation Park.

Native Orchids

Western Australia is home to over four hundred and fifty unique orchids. Some of the more popular varieties include the rosy-cheeked donkey, red tongue spider, pink fairy, rabbit’s ears, and the Queen of Sheba orchids. Bremer Bay’s Fitzgerald River National Park has an amazing collection of orchids. The strip between Eneabba and Badgingarra hosts a remarkable assortment too. These magnificent beauties are breathtaking to see.


This vibrant magenta coloured flower also grows in large clusters. The plant spreads thirty centimetres in radius and almost thirty centimetres in height. The most impressive displays of Parakeelya are found in the Carnarvon area where massive carpets of purple extend from the roadside all the way to the horizon. The colour is so striking that it is almost impossible to believe they grow naturally.

Wreath Flower

Growing in a distinct circular fashion, is the very rare Wreath Flower. This low-growing plant can spread over a metre in diameter, making it a picturesque groundcover. It has dense leaves and very large yellow, pink and red flowers. The wreath shape truly makes ita natural wonder. They are found across the Geraldton Sandplains, Payne’s Find, and throughout the Avon Wheatbelt regions along the southwest edge of the state. The Wreath Flower can also be found as far inland as the Eremaean Botanical Province.

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