One Weekend in Quebec City

Québec City is arguably the most European city in North America. It is one of only a few cities with old fortified city walls, citadel and narrow winding cobblestone streets.

When I paid a visit to this great little city in the Canadian province with the same name, Québec, it was incredibly cold. It was March and I still think that I should have waited a few more months before visiting.

Weekend in Quebec City
Old Québec City

Freezing Cold Weekend in Quebec City

The Landmarks

I did explore and see a lot though. However, the city walls, an attraction that I really wanted to see, were closed off to the public because of the ice and snow. And in contrary to what I usually do whenever I’m in a new city, I didn’t walk around that much. During the weekend I was there I went out three times for short circular walks, each time trying to take in as many landmarks as I could before I was frozen to the bone. I always had to head back to my Quebec hotel or into a bar or café to warm up.

Weekend in Quebec City: St Louis Gate
St Louis Gate

Although I walked around only a little bit, I did see nearly all of the Vieux-Québec, or Old Québec in English. Greater Québec is relatively big, but the historic city center is surprisingly tiny and definitely walkable. I liked that a lot. That historic center, by the way, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site , which is always something that attracts me to a certain place.

To illustrate how much I didn’t walk, I should say that at one point I even paid a guy to take me around the city by horse-drawn carriage. No matter how cold it may be in the future, I’m never doing that again. It was a complete waste of money and the tour ran past all the buildings and landmarks I had already seen.

Weekend in Quebec City: Château Frontenac
Château Frontenac

Despite the freezing cold weather, my weekend in Quebec City was in fact worth it. It’s a gorgeous little city. It’s cozy, historic, filled with shops and home to one of Canada’s most recognizable buildings, the magnificent Fairmont Château Frontenac.

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