Ways Technology Can Improve Tourism In Africa

Tourism and touristic activities constitute a phenomenon that that has reached impressive proportions; especially in the second half of the 20th Century. Besides being one of the most appreciated ways to pass free time and a social and cultural activity; tourism also became an essential factor for the economy of various countries, while at the same time creating thousands of new workplaces within its constantly growing industry. The second largest Continent on Earth and the hottest one from the climatic point of view; Africa is also among the most desired and preferred touristic destinations.

Ways Technology Can Improve Tourism In Africa,zebra
Zebra in Africa

Ways Technology Can Improve Tourism In Africa

General Touristic Characteristics of the African Continent

Africa is spread over an incredibly vast surface, yet its relief is rather scarce, with very little variation. Grounded by the Kilimanjaro Mountains; Africa is mostly made up from a huge plateau on which desserts such as Sahara or Kalahari are predominant. The five longest rivers that cross Africa, The Nile, The Niger, Zambezi, Orange and Limpopo, have also formed several impressive waterfalls, where the flora and fauna, of extreme diversity, still attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, on a yearly basis.

Considered by many, one of the most picturesque and exotic destinations for a vacation; Africa has quickly developed a quite profitable tourism industry in some of its regions, which currently rely a substantial part of their economy on this branch. Countries like South Africa, Morocco, Egypt or Tunisia have a well-developed and quite successful industry of tourism. Due to lower accessibility and development, other African territories such as Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Kenya or Mauritius only have a constant and steady industry derived from tourism in Africa.

Bush Track,Africa,soldier
Bush track in Africa

Besides these, numerous other African states could develop the same successful tourism industry but are currently failing due to a series of modern-day factors, such as a very low level of exposure worldwide, lack of funds or proximity to other large continents such as Europe.

Major improvements technology could bring to Tourism in Africa

While the tourism industry in Africa has severely relied on tradition and exotic landscapes so far; the technological progress and all the innovations it can bring to this field could actually boost up the tourism level in Africa to even higher levels; while at the same time protecting and developing its natural habitat. For starters, the means through which you can advertise and market a touristic destination using modern technology, could only help increase the current level of tourism in more developed areas; while also attracting tourists to less familiar ones, converting them into new points of attraction for visitors worldwide.

African elephant at a waterhole
African elephant at a waterhole

Among the most interesting touristic innovations technological progress brought to Africa; we have to mention a mobile touristic vehicle that also informs Tourists, named “Thando”. Along with other facilities, the vehicle also provides visitors free Wi-Fi connectivity through LCD screens; through which users can check online lists of African destinations; or complete online bookings and even plan trips all across the continent. It is due to technology that remote regions and small business have started to gather a global audience. In countries like South Sudan or Kenya; the high-end innovations in the security field could make visitors feel much safer and eager to visit these destinations.

The future of Tourism In Africa

While many obstacles still lay ahead technological progress in Africa, of which the most important would be the notion of breaking tradition; modern technology has definitely created a boom in the current level of tourism in Africa; and its future and improvement can only continue by connecting Africa more and more, digitally to the rest of the world.

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