Waterway Cruises Worldwide Not To Be Missed

Looking for a different cruise experience? Have you ever thought about cruising on one of the world’s extraordinary waterways, such as the Yangtze River in China or perhaps the Panama Canal? Here are some of the waterway cruises worldwide not to be missed!

waterway cruises worldwide, Sailing past the iconic Statue of Liberty
Sailing past the iconic Statue of Liberty ©MDHarding

Waterway Cruises Worldwide Not To Be Missed

Suez Canal

One of the most impressive man-made waterways, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. I highly recommend a cabin with a balcony, to sit back and enjoy over 100 miles of changing landscape and highlights of Port Said, Ismailia and Suez. The Suez Canal construction started in 1859. But due to labour disputes and a cholera epidemic was delayed, being finally completed in 1869.

waterway cruises worldwide, Suez Canal
Suez Canal ©MDHarding

Yangtze River

Said to be the most interesting river in the world, the Yangtze River is also the longest river in Asia and the third longest river in the world. Known in Chinese as “Changjiang” the “long river”, flowing through 6,300 kilometres (3915 miles) of China. One of the highlights not to be missed is the three gorges. They have been popular for centuries with artists. The river is also home to large canyons, with the deepest being Tiger Leaping Gorge.

View along Yangtze River, China. waterway cruises worldwide
View along Yangtze River, China ©MDHarding

Panama Canal

It was a tight squeeze cruising through part of the Panama Canal, that connects both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It was constructed to cut time and costs to transport goods between both oceans. Today the 80 kilometres (50 miles) takes 8 – 10 hours to complete with the 12 varying locks to navigate. It took 10 years to construct and opened in 1914! The tropical climate zone is best visited between February to March. And then between September and October during the driest months but still expect a high humidity. There is a number of cruise ships travelling through the Panama Canal. Which waterway cruises worldwide will you travel on?

Panama Canal, waterway cruises worldwide
Panama Canal ©MDHarding

Mekong Delta

Explore the authentic lives of Vietnam with a cruise along the Mekong Delta also known as the “Nine Dragon river delta”. The undulating waters travel from the high plateaus in Tibet through China into Vietnam and on through Cambodia passing orchids, paddy fields and swamplands home to floating markets, Khmer pagodas and villages. The best time to visit is between September and November with little rain and it’s also floating season. Enjoy more of the Mekong Delta by stopping at the floating fruit markets, rice candy wholesalers and seeing the process of how rice wine is produced.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam, waterway cruises worldwide
Mekong Delta, Vietnam ©MDHarding

Saint Lawrence River

You can find cruise lines visiting the Canadian port of Quebec in spring and then in autumn for the vast ray of colourful foliage. But did you know Ponant, Hurtigruten and Adventure Canada have had a crazy idea and are going to be launching winter cruises? Discover the old city with its baroque architecture and taste the delicious food at one of the quaint cafe’s and restaurants. The ship will dock at either Le Vieux Port or La Basse-Ville (the Old Port or the Old City) with only a short walk into the city. The city is on two levels, a faster way up to the second level is with the funicular. A city with all this character and charm should not be missed!

Saint Lawrence River, Canada, waterway cruises worldwide
Saint Lawrence River, Canada ©MDHarding

Why not extend your vacation with a cruise and stay? There is accommodation for most budgets available in the nearby cities. A cruise holiday is unlike any other. Enjoy the great service on-board while travelling the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired to cruise along one of the world’s waterways. Happy Travels:) x

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