Vogel Ski Resort – Skiing in Slovenia

When thinking about great ski destinations, it’s not Slovenia that comes to mind to many people. That’s not because Slovenia isn’t a ski destination; it’s because it is an unknown ski destination. Home to a spectacular section of the Alps, Slovenia has, in fact, some superb ski resorts. The Vogel Ski Resort, for example, is one of the premier places to go skiing in Slovenia.

Vogel Ski Resort is located in Bohinj, a town consisting of multiple separate villages near the Julian Alps. A part of Bohinj, including Vogel Ski Resort, lies within Triglav National Park.

Vogel Ski Resort, Slovenia’s Premier Ski Destination

This ski resort is arguably one of the most breathtaking in Europe, perched atop a sheer cliff almost a full kilometer above beautiful Lake Bohinj. A cable car gets you from the lakeshore to the ski resort and back—in summer, several hiking trails lead up to the resort as well. It basically lies on a plateau nearly 1,000 meters higher than the rest of Bohinj, a plateau that is crisscrossed by ski lifts, slopes, runs and trails.

Vogel Ski Resort- Skiing in Slovenia
Vogel Ski Resort: Photo on Flickr by Mitja Mavsar / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Facilities at Vogel Ski Resort are plentiful as well, including accommodation, restaurants, a snow park, a ski school, snow tubing tracks and an equipment rental service. It truly is one of the best places to go skiing in Slovenia.

Because of its location in the first mountain range when coming from the Adriatic Sea, the area receives much more snow than the mountains beyond. This substantial snowfall is perfect, for its setting within Triglav National Park prohibits any artificial snowmaking.

Its spectacular setting and jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Bohinj Valley below, combined with world-class ski slopes, excellent facilities and generally ideal weather, make Vogel Ski Resort a destination worth considering when looking for your next ski destination in Europe. The additional perk of peacefulness—it’s much, much quieter than other ski destinations in the Alps, in France and Switzerland, for example—only adds to its appeal.

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