The Stone of Destiny

Visiting Scone Palace Scotland is a great way to learn about the country’s history. It is located in the village of Scone just outside the city of Perth, Scotland. It’s famous for being the crowning place of Scottish Kings, such as Macbeth and Robert the Bruce as well as the original home to the Stone of Scone or also known as the Stone of Destiny.

Visiting Scone Palace Scotland

The 50th Anniversary of Scone Palace

Scone Palace was originally built in 1580 and re-modeled in 1802, throughout its 400 years of history it has been home to the Earls of Mansfield. On the 25th of March this year it opened its doors for the 50th year, as one of Scotland’s top visitor attractions. If visiting Scone Palace Scotland why not upgrade your daily ticket to a season ticket free of charge! And take the opportunity to visit for the many events taking place throughout the year.

Visiting Scone Palace Scotland: The Grounds of Scone Palace
The Grounds of Scone Palace ©Scone Palace

Stone of Scone

Scone Palace was the home to the Stone of Scone or more famously known as the Stone of Destiny. The stone (coronation stone) was used during the crowning ceremonies, where the future monarchs sat. Then in 1296 the stone was stolen by the then King of England, King Edward I and placed in Westminster Abbey. This year is the 65th anniversary of the Stone of Scone being found.

Chapel and Stone of Scone ©Scone Palace
Chapel and Stone of Scone ©Scone Palace

The Movie “Stone of Destiny”

Back in 2008 the movie “Stone of Destiny” was released telling the story of the brave Scottish students who boldly went to Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950, to remove the stone and return it to Scotland.

The Stone of Scone Today

In 1952 the Stone Of Scone was returned to Westminster Abbey, not to return to Scotland until 1996. With unease in Scotland it was agreed the stone would be returned. So on St Andrew’s day in 1996 an official handover of the stone took place at the Scotland/England border, where then the stone was transported to Edinburgh Castle. While visiting Scone Palace you can see a replica of the Stone of destiny, where the story began. Today what is thought to be the authentic Stone of Destiny can be seen in the Crown Room at Edinburgh Castle.

The Grounds of Scone Palace: Edinburgh Castle ©MDHarding

The easiest way to reach Scone Palace is by car, if arriving into Edinburgh Airport why not book your hire car in-advance ready to collect on arrival. There is a variety of accommodation available in both Perth and Edinburgh. Don’t leave it too late to book your accommodation, Scotland is now on the cusp of high season.

We would love to hear from you. Have you visited Scone Palace Scotland? or perhaps seen the Stone of Destiny at Edinburgh Castle? Do you think it is the authentic coronation stone said to have been affiliated to St Columbus? Please leave any questions/comments below. Happy Travels:) x

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