Visiting Portland on a Budget

Portland cityscape at night
Portland at night

Portland, Oregon, also known as the “Rose City,” is considered the gem of the Pacific Northwest. It is a home to many businesses, self-starters, outdoor enthusiasts and coffee lovers. Located between mountains and coastline, it’s a hub for many famous activities that are both entertaining and financially-friendly. To visit Portland on a budget, consider these tips for a successful trip that won’t deplete your bank account.

Oregon Coast with blue sky and rocky headland
Oregon Coast

How to prepare

Define your money management method

Before you travel, it’s important to develop a game plan for your finances. You can reduce your weekly spending limit, track costs with a budget planner or contribute to a travel fund. Either way, you’ll be aware of how much you’ve invested in order to profitably manage your money.

Search for transportation deals

Flights, train rides and driving can add a variety expenses that are difficult to fit into a travel budget. Overweight luggage can increase baggage check-in costs, and gas prices can increase from one area to the next if you’re road tripping. While crafting your budget, take these extra costs into consideration to avoid a financial scare. If needed, know the best month, day and time to receive the greatest transportation options for traveling to PDX.

Look into travel accommodations that save you money

While preparing to visit Portland on a budget, it’s essential to implement as many money saving hacks as possible. Look into signing up for frequent flyer miles and consider a hostel stay over a hotel. Utilize a mobile bank account for convenience. Perks might include flight upgrades, avoiding hidden debit card travel fees, and escaping an expensive stay in an overpriced resort or inn.

Things to do once you’re there

Visit the Portland Farmers Market

Portland Farmer's Market; Portland on a budget
Portland Farmer’s Market. Image by Lyla Foggia from Pixabay

From craft vendors to fresh food, the Portland Farmer’s Market is a great place to visit when you want to find locally grown fruits and veggies at a low cost. You can visit numerous tents set up by owners happy to tell you about the produce they are selling. Depending on where they set up, you can also enjoy certain aspects of the outdoors and listen to live music!

Walk through Powell’s Bookstore

Powell’s is the world’s largest independent bookstore and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Portland. Located in the center of the city, Powell’s is a monstrosity of a bookstore with levels upon levels of books. From children’s stories, to mystery novels, to small souvenirs, you can spend hours walking, talking and reading.

Enjoy the Pittock Mansion view

Visiting Pittock Mansion does involve somewhat of a hilly drive, but once you enter the property, the views are breathtaking. With the entire city of Portland in sight, you can picnic, take photos and really appreciate what this city has to offer. The fact that you can simply enjoy the beauty of the city without having to spend a lot of money makes this landmark special.

Utilize public transportation

Tilikum Crossing transport bridge; Portland on a gudget
Tilikum Crossing transport bridge

The public transportation in Portland is known to be one of the best systems in the country. With so much to do and see within the city limits, an easy way to get around is vital. The Max Light Rail and Portland Streetcar are two fantastic public transportation options. Tickets are just $3 or less and they make stops at many of the popular tourist attractions.

Participate in community yoga

For those who love to exercise, participating in community yoga is a great way to get the fitness you need, meet new people and explore the wonderful things the Rose City has to offer. For no more than $15, you can enjoy yoga classes at a variety of different areas in Portland on a budget.

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