Visiting the Most Dangerous Roads in the World

So the time has come for you to break the tedium of regular roads? Fancy yourself a skilful driver, with a ton of adventurous spirit? Well, every top-notch driver will know that the places we’ve outlined in this article are either welcomed by the bold, or avoided for those seeking safety. This is not for the latter – we’ve come up with this article in order to present every thrill-seeking driver with the most dangerous roads our planet has to offer. If driving in the country presents a fulfilling experience for you, than you might as well stop reading now (unless, you’re simply knowledge-hungry). If you do not fall under the mentioned category, well read on and choose the next destination for your vehicle, as well as for yourself, as a bold driver.

Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Visiting the Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Norway Mountain
Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen, which basically translates to, yup, you guessed it, troll ladder, or troll stairway, is a gorgeous piece of Norway to marvel at. Even if you’re not a keen driver, simply gazing upon this road will make your heart beat a tad faster. Numerous hairpin bends and sheer drops makes Trollstigen more than appropriate place to visit, if you’re a keen, skilled driver. However, tread carefully, because this bit of earth contributes to Norway’s 208 road deaths annually.

Trollstigen in 2012 Norway
Trollstigen in 2012: Photo by Chell Hill / CC BY-SA 3.0

Dalton Highway, Alaska

Ominous as it sounds, the 666 km that the Dalton Highway has to offer presents danger in more ways than you’d think a road could do. There aren’t many roads on this earth that offer as much isolation as this bit of Alaska does. With only three villages along the way, plenty of food supplies and survival precautionary measures are no-brainers here. Another threat here is displayed in terms of huge trucks, that are basically the main traffic of this highway. If you target this place, make sure you bring plenty of supplies and that you always give these trucks right of way, or else you might get a bit more out of this one than just an adrenaline surge.

dalton highway alaska

Highway 1, Mexico

Although it’s completely polar to the Dalton Highway in terms of climate, Highway 1 presents just about the same degree of isolation. This is why supplies are the name of the game, when it comes to making sure you avoid life threatening scenarios. Although some parts are paved with asphalt here, most of it is nothing more than dirt and rock, lined with no railings or guard rails.

Highway 1, Mexico
Highway 1, Mexico: Photo on Flickr by mark9white / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador

If you’re one for a warmer climate, but don’t enjoy the potential tedium of a desert, this 40-km long dirt track, linking the Cotopaxi Volcano National park with the Pan American highway, offers huge potholes, slippery slopes and other unfavorable driving conditions – or favorable, that is, if you’re looking to squeeze out a bit of adrenaline from it.

Cotapaxi Volcano, Ecuador
Cotapaxi Volcano, Ecuador: Photo on Flickr by Simon Matzinger / CC BY 2.0

Pan-American Highway

To top both of the Americas, the Pan-American highway stretches from Alaska, all the way down to the southernmost tip of South America. Tens of thousands of kilometres don’t even begin to describe the variety that the Pan-American Highway has in offer. Stretching across various climates, you can expect going through jungles, mountains, deserts and glaciers, especially if you choose to take on the entire challenge, which is definitely the way to go for any bold-headed, thrill-seeking motorhead.

Visiting the Most Dangerous Roads in the World by

The Barton Highway, Australia

Moving on to the almost opposite part of the world, the Barton Highway in Australia is often considered the worst highway in all of the vastness of the outback. However, thrill-seekers seldom look for safety, when it comes to driving and, as we can assure you, you won’t find too much safety here. Visiting the Barton Highway as newbie drivers, so as to learn about the importance of keeping an eye on the road is recommended greatly. In any case, Australian roads are a beautiful place to visit, as many driving schools in Melbourne claim!

Barton Highway, Australia
Barton Highway, Australia: Photo on Flickr by Nicholas Cull / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Zojila Pass, India

The altitude and livestock are present dangers here, but also an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the road, as well as to engage in enjoying the beautiful scenery. 9 km long, this pass is settled 3,500 m above sea level.

Zojila Pass, Kashmir India
Zojila Pass, Kashmir India: Photo on Flickr by travel / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

These roads are the cream of the most dangerous roads in the world, just waiting for enthusiastic, thrill-seeking motorists. Make sure you bring all the necessary equipment and set aside plenty of time for sleep. All that is left is to enjoy the ride!

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