Visiting Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park is a gorgeous national park just inland from the Dalmatian coast. It lies near coastal cities such as Šibenik and Zadar, and about an hour by car from Split, Croatia’s second largest city. This location makes visiting Krka National Park a popular thing to do on road trips along the Croatian coast.

Visiting Krka National Park: Peaceful lake
Peaceful lake

Visiting Krka National Park and Its Stunning Waterfall

Covering about 109 square kilometers, Krka National Park is by no means small. However, although it is home to several fascinating sights, the park has one absolute highlight. This highlight is the Skradinki Buk waterfall, which can be reached via either the Lozovac or the Skradin entrance. There are five park entrances in total.

Visiting Krka National Park: Waterfall in Krka National Park
Waterfall in Krka National Park

This magnificent cascade is the last one in a series of waterfalls along the Krka River, which cuts through the heart of the park and gave it its name. A multi-tiered cascade, the Skradinki Buk waterfall is created by travertine deposits, much like in Plitvice Lakes National Park, another stunning national park in Croatia. In fact, this one cascade is Europe’s biggest travertine cascade system.

Visiting Krka National Park: Cascades

While the waterfall itself is obviously a real sight to behold, it is even more worthy of a visit because it is allowed to swim in the pool behind it. This huge natural pool is made up of crystal-clear water, offering a welcome refreshment after hiking down into the canyon.

Be aware, however, that there are no lifeguards, nor are there any changing rooms or beaches. Swimming it at one’s own risk. That said; visitors are strongly recommended to bring a towel and go for a swim. Visiting Krka National Park isn’t worth it without going for a swim. It’s one of the most memorable swims you’ll ever have.

Visiting Krka National Park: Skradinki Buk
People swimming in Krka National Park

Visitors who have more time to spend might want to go for a hike in another part of the park, visit Visovac Island with its Franciscan monastery, or see the Krka Monastery.

Krka National Park is a mandatory stop on any road trip itinerary along the Dalmatian coast. Make sure to visit Dubrovnik, Split and Šibenik, but absolutely don’t skip Krka National Park.

You can find much more information about visiting Krka National Park on the park’s official tourist website.

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