Georgia – A Gorgeous Country Under the Radar

When most western people, especially Americans, hear about Georgia, they almost without exception think about the state of Georgia and the southeastern United States. Very few people will think about the country of Georgia, located in the Caucasus region in Eurasia.

Georgia, the country, is without question a country far below the radar for the vast majority of travelers. Even independent backpackers don’t really tend to visit this region between Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Visiting Georgia Country: Caucasus Mountains, Georgia
Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Visiting Georgia Country

A Beauty in the Caucasus

That’s too bad—it’s a magnificent, and safe, country to travel around in. That being said; there are some regions in the northwest of the country that should be avoided. The rest is beautifully peaceful and an absolute eye-opening delight.

Georgia, you see, features a few fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is home to truly spectacular landscapes and is the very place where people invented wine some 8,000 years ago.

Visiting Georgia Country: Historic church in Georgia
Historic church in Georgia

As a Christian country through and through, Georgia is an open, welcoming and incredibly friendly little nation. The traditional people of Georgia value hospitality and good manners above all else. Although it may take a few minutes to gain to trust of a typical Georgian, once you have it, they’re the friendliest people you can imagine.

Visiting Georgia Country: Sheep and shepherd
Sheep and shepherd

The most popular region in Georgia to foreign visitors is the Kakheti region, which is essentially the world’s oldest wine region. People have been producing wine there for an incredible eight millennia. With this knowledge, if you’ve ever frowned when coming across a Georgian wine in a liquor store, you should think again in the future—the people of Georgia know what they’re doing when it comes to making wine.

Visiting Georgia Country: Winery in Georgia
Winery in Georgia

Needless to say; wineries and vineyards are a popular attraction in the country. Additionally, you should also add to your itineraries a few typical old churches and monasteries, a couple of which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

A great base to visit Georgia is either the Kakheti region or the capital city of Tbilisi. Citizens of most western countries do not need a visa to visit—the only necessary document is a passport or (for Europeans) a national ID card.

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