The Historic Yet Timeless Coast Of Dalmatia

It would be fair to say that I lost my heart to Dalmatia a long time ago. When I first visited this part of Croatia, I was very young. Traveling to Dalmatia on summer holidays was always a magical experience to me. The wonderful beaches and sea of the narrow strip of the Dalmatian coast line was the main attraction to me as a child. However, as I started to grow up I began to appreciate the history of the region.

Visiting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

About Dalmatia

There are a few places in world where you can live and breathe history but Dalmatia is one of those places. The history in this part of Croatia is more than just buildings and old forts. It has become part of the culture itself, and you have a sense of history where ever you go. This is a really unique experience, and there are very few places in Europe where you can still capture this feeling. Spain has been taken over by cheap bars, and Italy has been over run by deck chairs neatly lined up on beaches. Getting a feeling of history and culture in these places is indeed difficult. Once you visit Dalmatia, you will realize that a deep sense of history still lingers here.

Visiting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: trogir dalmatia at night
Trogir at night (central Dalmatia): Photo by Bokeh & Travel / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

History of Dalmatia

If you like to take a break from the beach, you will soon appreciate that you can learn a lot on your summer holiday to Dalmatia. The history goes back several thousands of years, but perhaps Roman history is more evident than any other piece of history. If, you are a “Roman travel junkie”, Dalmatia in Croatia is THE place to visit. The Romans made this a province of the empire. The Roman Emperor Diocletian even retired to his palace in Split after having divided Dalmatia into two parts.

Visiting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: split dalmatia
View from the Belltower,Split: Photo by LenDog64 / CC BY-ND 2.0

Today’s Solin was the Roman capital, and if you fancy walking around the countryside, it is evident that the town which once was called Salona by the Romans, was a major trading hub. Roads from present day Solin still lead in straight lines to many of the surrounding towns and villages. The entire area must be a treasure of Roman culture, and who knows what is yet to be discovered around Solin.

Split – The Heart of Dalmatia

Even if you are just staying in Dalmatia for just a week, a visit to Split is just a must. With it’s unique character, it is a wonderful place to walk around. You can spend many hours discovering the unknown, and finding your own piece of history. There is little wonder that this is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Visiting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: split city
Inside the city of Split: Photo by Martin Hendrikx / CC BY 2.0

But, are you walking around in a city within a city? The fact is that Emperor Diocletian’s palace was so huge that it can only be described as its own city. When you are walking around Split, you are likely to be spending a large amount of time visiting Emperor Diocletian pride and joy without knowing it. The palace is perhaps the main attraction in Split, and you should make the most of it. Visiting Split can be a very personal experience. Who knows, you might even be walking in the footsteps of the Emperor himself.

Will I ever get tired of Dalmatia? I don’t think so. There is just so much to see and do, and a visit is more than a holiday – it is an experience. No cruise in this part of the world would be complete without a stop in the land of the Roman, Venetians and Slavs. They have all left their mark on Dalmatia. The best way to see the places mentioned above (and also many more) is to cruise Dalmatia and explore the beauties and hidden gems of Croatia’s most famous region.

Visiting Dalmatian Coast, Croatia: sunset zadar
Sunset in Zadar,Dalmatia: Photo by Min Zhou / CC BY 2.0

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