Visiting Cusco, Peru

Cusco, one of the highest cities in Peru at 10800 ft (3300 M) above sea level, is located in the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. Where once the capital of the Inca empire, the city was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. Today, explore the popular tourist destination filled with Spanish colonial architecture, museums such as the Qorikancha displaying artifacts from pottery through to paintwork and textiles as well as much more.

Visiting Cusco Peru: Cusco One of The Highest Cities in the World.
Cusco One of The Highest Cities in the World. ©MDHarding

Visiting Cusco Peru: One of the Highest Cities in the World

Visiting Cusco Peru: Everyone Loves a Llama
Everyone Loves a Llama, Cusco Portraits: Photo on Flickr by Geraint Rowland / CC BY 2.0


With it being one of the highest cities in the world, acclimatization is very important if you’re visiting Cusco Peru. Most tour companies such as Llama travel or Condor Travel will schedule a tour, giving you time to acclimatize. If you only have a few days to see the incredible sites, this will not be possible (please do take care). If traveling independently, I would highly recommend scheduling in more time to see this amazing country!

Visiting Cusco Peru: The Highest McDonalds in the World
The Highest McDonald’s in the World ©MDHarding

Cultural Cusco

Cusco has a wealth of history and culture, while out exploring you will see many still wearing their colourful traditional dress, although in some instances this is for tourists (for each photograph and the number of people in the image, you are expected to tip). The colours and textiles are a feast for the eyes. Did you know that the materials are still coloured using natural dyes, produced from nature such as flowers, herbs and fruit?

Visiting Cusco Peru: Traditional Dress Worn in Cusco
Traditional Dress Worn in Cusco ©MDHarding

Cusco’s Dramatic History

Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire from the 13th until the 16th century Spanish conquest. You can only imagine the amount of gold that the city once had, all beaten and moulded into the most unusual faces, carvings and stories, only to be melted down and lost forever. Find out more in one of the very informative museums such as the Qorikancha or the Inka Museum.

Visiting Cusco Peru: Stories of Ancient Civilisations
Stories of Ancient Civilisations ©MDHarding

How to Reach Cusco

The best way to reach Cusco from Lima is by plane.  The flight duration is just over 1 hour.  You can also go by bus but it takes considerably longer, as it has to go along the winding roads of the Andes mountain range.  The flight with LAN Airways (now LATAM) was very comfortable.

Visiting Cusco Peru: Lan Airways
Lan Airways ©MDHarding

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the cultural city of Cusco and it has inspired you to visit. With over 2 million visitors each year, I would recommend booking accommodation in advance.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Please leave any comments/questions about visiting Cusco Peru below.

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    Cusco is one of the cities in Peru that amazes with its cultural wealth and customs. Every place you visit always has a story to tell, the mountain range that it has makes Cusco unique. Places you should not miss if you are in Cusco.
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