The Reasons I Love Visiting Cairns

I love being on holiday where it never really gets cold, especially love visiting Cairns in Queensland Australia. Where people would think I looked strange if I were to be crazy enough to wear a collar and tie. Cairns is a small city in the extreme northern part of Queensland. Here, pioneers hacked a railway line up a solid rock face to open up the hinterland, and I can still travel on it.

Kuranda Scenic Railway: visiting Cairns
Kuranda Scenic Railway: Matt Blank / CC BY 2.0

The Reasons I Love Visiting Cairns

The Journey from Cairns to Kuranda

The train takes me past waterfalls to a place called Kuranda where there is a wonderful nature park. The village is a delightful place made especially for couples with kids. They can have a relaxing meal while junior and junior get to know butterflies and koala bears. When evening comes, they can drift back to Cairns on a gondola over rainforests and waterfalls, or catch the train.

Kuranda Train Station: visiting Cairns
Kuranda Train Station: Photo on Flickr by Mark / CC BY-SA 2.0

Onwards to the Great Barrier Reef

I love visiting Cairns because it is near the spot where Captain Cook discovered the Great Barrier Reef. However, he was not actually looking for it. He collided with it accidentally and was quite annoyed because he lost seven weeks repairing his ship. He missed out totally on the wonders of a coral reef that should be a modern wonder of the world.

The Great Barrier Reef covers an area as large as the United Kingdom. It has an almost unbelievable variety of sponges, corals, and brightly coloured fishes. Intrepid divers take time out with turtles and dwarf minke whales. Say a prayer for this great gift of nature. I fear global warming is starting to take a heavy toll.

Great Barrier Reef: visiting cairns.
Great Barrier Reef: Steve Evans / CC BY-NC 2.0

Cairns Has Something For Everybody

Cairns has something for everybody. Downtown are a variety of restaurants, and disco’s to party the night away. The waterfront is equally at peace hosting cruise ships, small pleasure craft, and yacht skippers circumnavigating the planet. There are fabulous hotels.

Sipping ice-cold wine and dining on barramundi fish could be the only thing better than mucking about in boats. I will have mine lightly grilled thanks, with crispy fries and a juicy slice of lemon on the side. In case you wondered, it is a type of barracuda fish and it is delicious.

Barramundi My Favourite Meal: visiting cairns
Barramundi My Favourite Meal: Oceanique / CC BY 2.0

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