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Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. It’s well-known for having a lot to offer every type of visitor. Iconic Mount Teide rises from the centre of the island. Siam Park has been voted the best water park in the world. But no matter how you love the Island of Eternal Spring, going to the same places each time gets dull. To spice up your next visit, we’re bringing you Tenerife’s best hidden places. You should definitely add these to your holiday itinerary!

Cave of Santo Hermano Pedro

Interior of cave of Santo Hermano Pedro, showing chairs and paintings; Tenerife's best hidden places

The Cave of Santo Hermano Pedro is a tiny grotto jam-packed with thousands of bits and pieces. It’s a religious pilgrimage site with a difference. From traditional statues of saints, rosary beads and notes written to departed loved ones; to photos of random animals, graffiti-covered Converse trainers and creepy clown figures, this place will leave your mind whirling. Although it only takes 10 steps to walk through the entire cave, there’s loads to see and entry is free.

Umbrella Street

Shopping arcade with colorful umbrellas hanging overhead; Tenerife's best hidden places

This multi-coloured avenue is in the open-air Arcade Shopping Centre in Playa de Las Americas. It’s Tenerife’s answer to the famous Floating Umbrella Street in Portugal. After you’ve taken all the Instagram-worthy shots your phone can handle, relax under the shade of the umbrellas. Enjoy one of the speciality cocktails served at the chic bar-cafe in one of Tenerife’s best hidden places. This place is so peaceful and relaxing, you’ll forget you’re just steps from some of the island’s most buzzing nightlife.

Natural lava pools

Lave pools at Garachio; Tenerife's best hidden places
Lave Pools at Garachio

Tenerife’s black sandy beaches are very well-known, but the stunning natural pools in Garachico are among Tenerife’s best hidden places. Pools range from shallow enough for little ones to splash in to deep enough for brave divers to plunge into; it makes a great day out for everyone. The sea can get rough along this section of coastline, but the rugged volcanic walls protect swimmers from serious danger. AFter swimming, you can sunbathe on the heat-retaining volcanic rocks or head to the onsite restaurant for some local eats.

Enchanted forest walk

Child touching exhibit at Parque Rural Anaga; Tenerife's best hidden places
Parque Rural Anaga

Tenerife is bursting with incredible walking routes that showcase the true diversity of the island’s landscape. For a taste of the more natural, forest-clad side of the island, take the Enchanted Forest Walk. Known locally as Sendero El Bosque Encantado, this short walk takes just 30 minutes to complete. It’s suitable for walkers of all ages and abilities. Along the laurel-lined paths are signs inviting you to engage each of your senses. You’ll find explanations of what you can see, hear, smell or touch here in one of Tenerife’s best hidden places.

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