Visit Papa Westray – One Of The Smallest Orkney Islands, Scotland

Are you disembarking in Scotland, off one of the many visiting cruise ships such as the MSC Meraviglia? Have you decided to do a stop and stay? There are lots of places to visit and things to do in Scotland but one not to be missed is visiting the outer islands. There is nothing quite like the white sandy beaches, crystal clear azure waters and the simplicity of island life. Here is why you must visit Papa Westray, one of the smallest islands in the Orkneys.

South Wick Coastline, Visit Papa Westray, Orkney Islands,scotland
South Wick Coastline, Papa Westray ©MDHarding

Visit Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands

About Papa Westray

One of the smallest Orcadian islands at only 4 square miles and located off the north coast of Scotland, is home to only 90 residents. It has a real community spirit with everyone mucking in and bringing the best out of the island. The island also known as Papay has been inhabited as early as the 8th century by Norse Vikings, lured in by the islands fertile land.

Congestion, Visit Papa Westray, Orkney Islands,scotland,ducks
Congestion in Papa Westray ©MDHarding

Getting To Papa Westray

LoganAir – Scotland’s airline flying over 50 years, offers direct flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Shetland to Orkney. The flight from Edinburgh takes just over an hour. Enjoy great views from 6,000 to 10,000 feet while enjoying a complimentary in-flight service.  Once in Kirkwall, Orkney you can connect with the LoganAir Inter Isles service. The small 8 seater passenger plane – Brittan Norman Islander is very comfortable and takes a brief 25 minutes between Kirkwall and Papa Westray. Why not take to the skies and fly on the world’s shortest scheduled flight between Westray and Papa Westray, taking a super fast 2 minutes! Looking for a quiet getaway? Why not take a weekend break to the beautiful isles.

Accommodation On Papa Westray

Accommodation is limited on the island to the newly refurbished Beltane House, a homely hostel with all the essential amenities and a bright sunroom to relax in. There are en-suite private rooms and bothy glamping cabins to choose from. It is really easy to reach, only a 10 minute walk away from the airport and a longer one from the new ferry pier.  There is also self-catering accommodation available on the island for longer stays.  Do book accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment.

Glamping, Visit Papa Westray, Orkney Islands,scotland
Glamping On Papa Westray ©MDHarding

What To See & Do On Papa Westray

The island is great for walking, witnessing dramatic sunsets over historical archaeological sites and for nature enthusiasts. I stayed on the island for two days and it wasn’t really enough to capture all the great things to see and do! Don’t miss a boat trip with the island’s ranger to the smaller island of Holm to explore the Neolithic Clava Cairn used around 3600-2800 BC and nature walk with the island’s RSPB warden on the North Hill reserve. Look out for the rare Scottish Primrose (Primula scotica) and the elusive Corncrakes. 

Settlements & Archaeology, Visit Papa Westray, Orkney Islands,scotland
Settlements & Archaeology on Papa Westray ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired to visit Papa Westray, this beautiful island in the Orkneys. As always, I would love to hear from you. Please leave any comments/questions below. Don’t forget to share! Happy Travels:) x

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