Why You Should Visit Croatian Island Korcula

Korcula has a rich history dating back to eons ago when Greeks settled on the island; and struck by its thick forests, decided to call it korkyra Melaina- translated as Black Korcula. Currently the place is reputed for its vintage wines, fishing villages, vineyards, quiet hamlets and enchanting woodlands. It is considered as one of Croatia’s most magical islands. And of course there are many great accommodation options for you to choose. Here are a few other reasons why visit Croatian island Korcula should top your bucket list.

Main entrance in old medieval town Korcula-Croatia-Dalmatia. Visit Croatian Island Korcula, Visit Croatian Island Korcula
Main entrance in old medieval town on Korcula

Reasons to Visit Croatian Island Korcula

The Food and Wine

The gourmet would find a visit to this island a great delight; especially thanks to its heavenly, palate-charming food and well-brewed wine.

There is a whole gamut of restaurants to choose from when it comes to food. Each of these restaurants serves hearty feasts of the island’s local delicacies, including grilled meat, fresh seafood, and the famed Zrnovski Makaruni – which is a delicious handmade pasta.

Seafood Croatia, Visit Croatian Island Korcula
Seafood on Korcula: Photo on Flickr by Saskia Heijltjes / CC BY-SA 2.0

The wine doesn’t disappoint in the least bit. Stroll to a vineyard or embark on a wine sampling tour to get a taste of the unique, titillating taste of these wines when you visit Croatian island Korcula .

A repertoire of different music flavors

Take for instance the Korkya Baroque Music Festival which started in 2012. It attracts musicians from every corner of the globe – musicians who come to this idyllic island and delight crowds with their perfectly done pieces. What is more? If you ache to enjoy something more edgy, you can treat yourself to a show of the famous Moreska Sword dance. The dance taps on the island’s heritage and is renowned for its magnificence, fierceness and uniqueness.

Not Crowded

Unlike other Croatian cities or islands, Korcula is never crowded, owing to its small that makes it less ideal for mass tourism. A stay here feels as if you are staying in a small boutique hotel. Its blessed with a peaceful, serene and ambient atmosphere that makes it the ideal place for folks who prefer peace and quiet.

young-woman. Visit Croatian Island Korcula

It is completely on its own – at least that is what it feels like when you visit Croatian island Korcula – though it is easily accessible from the mainland. Therefore, this is the best place for you in case you are looking for a quiet place far from the bustle of contemporary cities.

Awesome Sea Views

Just like Hvar Island, this city stands out for its amazing vistas. Then, there is the contrast between blue water and white stones – which is, to say the least, stunning. And during the summer, the sea surrounding the island is almost always packed end to end with sailing boats, a fact that adds an artful, colorful detail to the picture.

And if you are a Christian, a visit to the sanctuary of Blessed Marija Petkovic of the Crucified Jesus will be the highlight of your tour, probably.

Sanctuary of Blessed Marija Petkovic. Visit Croatian Island Korcula
Sanctuary of Blessed Marija Petkovic

Marija’s story is legendary. She dedicated her life to helping the sick, abandoned, and poor; despite the fact that she was raised in an affluent family. At the turn of the 20th century, she began the Franciscan congregation – which, today, showcases the work of her life and work.

The sanctuary also doubles up as a pilgrimage destination. Many pilgrims who throng the sanctuary leave sentimental gifts on its altar, like pictures of their loved ones. There are plenty of reasons to visit the idyllic island, just that these ones are the top.

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