Vietnam Shopping Guide: Where & What

Vietnam is abundant with skilled and highly crafted products from lacquer works to tailor-made suits. Here is a Vietnam shopping guide on where to shop and what to buy when visiting Vietnam. If you are not sure what to buy, then you are definitely going to find something interesting in this list.

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Shopping in Ancient Hoi An
Shopping in Ancient Hoi An ©MDHarding

Vietnam Shopping Guide: Where To Shop and What To Buy


Vietnam is the sixth top silk producing country in the world, producing over 450 metric tonnes. While today they still use traditional production methods and skills; this is soon to change to more modern and advanced technologies. The silk is mainly produced in Duy Trihn, a 400-year-old silk producing village in Quang Nam Province. Products can be purchased throughout Vietnam; but Hoi An had a bountiful selection of good quality scarves and more in a vast colourful range from plain to multi-coloured.  If you would like to discover more about the silk production while visiting Hoi An, don’t miss a trip to the Silk Village.

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Silk Scarves in Hoi An
Silk Scarves in Hoi An ©MDHarding


The skill of lacquerware dates back centuries through families passing down the remarkable, multi-process and complex handicraft. It wasn’t until the early 20th century when lacquerware went through a transformation and artists were born, famed for their highly prized lacquerware. Discover more with a walk through Phuongnam Lacquerware factory in Ho Chi Minh City, and see the transformation into incredible works of art before your very eyes.

Silk Scarves in Hoi An. Eggshell being applied to some pieces, Lacquer Factory
Eggshell being applied to some pieces, Lacquer Factory ©MDHarding

Tailor-Made Clothes

Every turn you take in Hoi An, you are faced with one of the hundreds of tailor shops. The array of material is eye-watering from the colourful colours to the textures of cloth available. This is the place to be to get that made to measure, bespoke dress or suit for that special occasion or perhaps for work.  The hotels are very good at recommending one or two shops; but there are lots to choose from and you might see something you like on one of the mannequins. Please allow yourself a couple of days, best not to rush the tailor and get the highest quality possible.

One of the many Tailor Shops in Hoi An. Vietnam Shopping Guide
One of the many Tailor Shops in Hoi An ©MDHarding


One of my favourite things to do when travelling is to try the chocolate. As it’s a high-quality desirable product and not an essential; we discovered that many Vietnamese couldn’t say where a chocolate shop was. After Googled Vietnam shopping guide, we discovered Pheva in central Hoi An. With a wide selection of both chocolates and packaging to choose from; why not try some of the delicious chocolate samples first!

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Pheva Vietnamese Chocolate Pheva
Pheva Vietnamese Chocolate – Pheva ©MDHarding


Tea has been enjoyed in Vietnam for thousands of years, but only been produced since the 1880’s. When the first tea plantation began in Nguyen, Huu Phong.

The Lotus tea dates back to the 19th century when it was first originally created for King Tu Duc. The high-quality green leaves are placed within the lotus flower for a day to acquire the aroma. The ancient speciality tea of Vietnam is one of today’s most popular herbal teas; and is well known for its medicinal properties.

While in Hoi An why not experience a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony with the Lifestart Foundation. The not for profit charity helps disadvantaged Vietnamese people and their families to become self-sufficient. Discover, enjoy and travel sustainably with this Vietnam shopping guide.

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Lifestart Tea
Lifestart Tea ©MDHarding


Are you taking a cruise in Ha Long Bay? For centuries Vietnam was renowned for its Pearls, but 10 years ago this gem nearly died out; now with investment and innovation sustainable pearl farming is taking place in Ha Long Bay. The floating Tung Sau Pearl Farm uses the Mikimoto technique from Japan. Discover how the pearls are sustainably cultured, from the water temperature to the skilled insemination. It’s a fascinating tour not to be missed!

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Pearl Farm Halong Bay, Vietnam
Pearl Farm Halong Bay, Vietnam ©MDHarding


Hoi An is named the lantern town; a UNESCO heritage site since 1999 it is the jewel in the crown of Vietnam. The lanterns are colourful and come in all shapes and sizes. Would you like to make your own lantern? Take a tour and discover the silk industry and make your own lantern.

Vietnam Shopping Guide. tern Making in Hoi An
Lantern Making in Hoi An ©MDHarding

Paper Cards/Magnets/Wedding Invitations

While walking the streets of Hanoi you are sure to witness the incredible folding paper cards. They come in many colourful and intricate designs, from traditional Vietnamese junk boats to pagodas and temples.  If you miss them in Hanoi; there is a small selection available in the market of the Ancient town Hoi An. Do you love paper? Don’t miss Zo Project a heartwarming social enterprise in Hanoi, with everything made from paper!

Vietnam Shopping Guide. Paper Pop Up cards
Paper Pop Up cards ©MDHarding

If you love shopping you will love Vietnam! Remember to leave space in the suitcase for all those incredible gifts and treats. I hope you have enjoyed reading if you have please share. I’m sure your friends and family would love it too. As always, we would love to hear from you. Please leave any comments/questions below. Happy Travels:) x

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