An Adventurer’s Guide to Vietnam

South East Asia has been the place to go for gap year students, travellers and just general holidaymakers for the past few years. Anyone who has been to the region always seems to head straight for Thailand, though there are many more wonderful and diverse countries in the region that are building up just as much hype.

Vietnam is topping the current list and it’s no surprise considering its many attractive features. From a long and in depth history to its thriving cities and glorious countryside featuring mountains, rivers and forests, Vietnam has everything for the intrepid explorer.

Vietnam Adventure Travel Guide: Fishing in Tam Giang Lagoon, Hue
Fishing in Tam Giang Lagoon, Hue

Vietnam Adventure Travel Guide

Northern Hill Tribes

The highlands of northern Vietnam are the best place to experience the country’s natural way of life. The Ho Chi Minh trail is the most famous trek leading through the land from north to south but it’s not the only one. There are hundreds if not thousands of paths winding through mountains, swamps, rivers and fields that are best enjoyed during the warm summer months. There’s a chance to see and interact with traditional hill tribes which still inhabit the region too.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The country is steeped in history yet it’s the most recent period of the Vietnam War which dominates many tourists’ minds. The Cu Chi Tunnels spread over 250km and were an essential part of the war. Former soldiers provide guides around certain sections and explain how they were used to defeat the enemy. The truly brave can use the original entrance and crawl through 150m tunnels in the Saigon area.

Vietnam Adventure Travel Guide: Cu Chi tunnels booby trap with bamboo spikes
Cu Chi tunnels booby trap with bamboo spikes: Photo Jorge Láscar / CC 2.0

Mekong Delta

Visit the diverse region in the south west of Vietnam and explore its numerous waterways as the Mekong River reaches the sea. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years with the flat flood plains to the south and hills in the north. There’s plenty of opportunity to row down the river and canals and discover the small towns dotted around.

Vietnam Adventure Travel Guide: Boat Trip on Mekong Delta, Ha Long Bay
Boat Trip on Mekong Delta, Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

The World Heritage Site of Halong Bay is a must see for every visitor to Vietnam. Hundreds of limestone islets are spread out as the sea opens up. Tours courtesy of Encounters Travel allow a two day boat trip around the bay on a traditional junk boat.

Vietnam Adventure Travel Guide: Deluxe Junk in Ha Long Bay
Deluxe Junk in Ha Long Bay

There are many caves to be explored when on land and sandy coves and beaches to relax on. Plan your adventure around Vietnam, whether you head north to south or vice versa, and be sure to include these fantastic sites on your trip.

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