What A Vermont Winter Looks Like

It’s January, the beginning of a new year and the heart of winter in Vermont. Although the annual snow  arrived rather late this year, it did get here. In a week’s time, the ground got covered with more than ten inches (25 centimeters) of snow. As you may or may not know, a Vermont winter tends to be fairly harsh. Usually, snow remains on the ground well into April, meaning that winters can last up to five months.

As horrible as that might sound to someone who isn’t used to much snow or freezing temperatures, I have to say that those winters are actually surprisingly manageable. People just know what they’re doing up here. The road crews are brilliant and everyone is prepared. Snow tires are a given this time of year.

And although it can get bone-chillingly cold, most of the time, the weather is pretty great. The skies are sunny and cloudless more often than not, inviting people to head out to the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding, or to hit the cross-country ski or snowshoe trails in the woods. Once the ice on the many lakes is thick enough, ice fishing becomes another very popular pastime.

Fall in Vermont is without question the most beautiful of all four seasons, but there is also something wonderful about a typical rural landscape of farms, hills and covered bridges that is carpeted with a thick layer of snow on a sunny late afternoon.

So, I took full advantage of those snowy, yet sunny conditions to head out and shoot some photos of the wintry landscapes in Vermont. Read on to see how beautiful a Vermont winter can be!

Vermont Winter Landscape Photos

Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Winter landscape in Vermont
Winter landscape in Vermont
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: White church in Vermont
A white church in a white setting
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Sayres Bridge in Thetford, Vermont
Sayres Bridge in Thetford
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Icicles and snow
Icicles and snow
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Green River Bridge in Guilford, Vermont
Green River Bridge in Guilford
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Farm in rural Vermont
Farm in rural Vermont
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Chickadees feeding in winter
Chickadees feeding in winter
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: 100 Mile View from Hogback Mountain, Vermont
100 Mile View from Hogback Mountain
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Beautiful barn in Vermont
Beautiful barn in Vermont
Vermont Winter Landscape Photos: Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont
Foster Bridge in Cabot

While this is without question the low tourist season in Vermont, winter sports enthusiasts might want to consider visiting the Green Mountain State for its world-class winter sports resorts and facilities. Stowe, in particular, is renowned as a winter destination.

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