Vermont’s Farms and Barns in Pictures

Vermont is one of the most rural states in the United States.

This New England state is home to about 625,000 people. Montpelier, its capital, has less than 8,000 residents, which makes it the least populous state capital in the United States. Burlington, Vermont’s largest city, is the residence of about 42,000 people. It is the least populous city in the country that is the largest city in a state.

Vermont Farms and Barns: Modern Farm
Modern farm in Vermont

More than three quarters of the state’s surface area are covered with forests. Lakes, meadows and farmlands make up the rest. Historically, however, it used to be the other way around. Vermont’s landscape was once made up of rolling farmlands as far as the eye could see. Green fields dotted with livestock extended to the horizon and beyond, with only a few patches of woodland here and there. The importance of farming has declined, though, most likely due to the increase in international and domestic trade.

Vermont Farms and Barns: Weathered Barn
Weathered barn

Vermont Farms and Barns, the Icons of a State

That’s not to say that all farms have disappeared from Vermont’s landscape. There are more than 7,000 farms in the state. Although cattle numbers have fallen drastically, milk production has doubled, thanks to an increased production per individual cow. Dairy farming is still a main economic activity in Vermont and the dairy barn is the state’s most well-known image. You can see Vermont farms and barns pictured on many a postcard.

Classic Vermont Farms and Barns
Classic Vermont farm

When crisscrossing the state by car, I’ve laid eyes on the most beautiful agricultural landscapes, made up of farms, ponds, cow-filled fields and rolling meadows. In addition to hiking, fishing and canoeing, Vermont’s attraction lies in its agricultural landscapes with meadows, forests, farms and covered bridges.

Vermont Farms and Barns: Barn in Winter
Barn in winter

A strongly recommended thing to do when visiting Vermont is renting a car in the USA, picking up a map and going on long spontaneous drives.

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