Vermont Covered Bridges in Pictures

Vermont Covered Bridges: Bartonsville
Bartonsville Covered Bridge

10 Vermont Covered Bridges

There are several things that come to mind when thinking about Vermont. This little state in the northeast of the United States is known for its country living and rural landscapes. Here’s a fact: Vermont is the second least populous of all fifty states. Yet, it is the biggest exporter of maple syrup in the country, and as a result also what it is known best for. I’m not going to lie, pouring some maple syrup on your pancakes or ice cream makes those things even more delicious. Besides maple syrup, the state is also known for the beautiful Green Mountains, fall foliage, Ben & Jerry’s, wooden barns and, of course, covered bridges.

Vermont Covered Bridges: Sequin
Sequin Covered Bridge
Vermont Covered Bridges: Quechee
Quechee Covered Bridge

Although covered bridges can be found in a lot of American states, Vermont has more covered bridges per square mile than any other place in the world. There are more than a hundred. Every map that you pick up will have markings or symbols indicating where a covered bridge can be found. They are real highlights in the state.

Vermont  Covered Bridge: Moxley
Moxley Covered Bridge
Vermont Covered Bridge: Mill
Mill Covered Bridge

The Vermont covered bridges  can be seen on covered bridge drives, loops that take you through the beautiful countryside and to corners of the state that you would never visit otherwise. When staying in Vermont, definitely make sure to rent a car and go for a drive in the countryside.

Vermont Covered Bridges: Hyde Bridge
Hyde Covered Bridge
Vermont Covered Bridges: Howe Covered Bridge
Howe Covered Bridge

Driving around with just a map is a fantastic way to get to know the area. I get lost occasionally, but that’s okay. That’s how you find hidden places upon which you wouldn’t stumble if you just followed the main roads. So far I’ve taken pictures of forty Vermont covered bridges. Allow me to share my ten favorites below.

Vermont Covered Bridges: Hammond Covered Bridge
Hammond Covered Bridge
Vermont Covered Bridge: Bowers
Bowers Covered Bridge

I won’t go into detail about the various types of covered bridges, materials used or truss types here. No one really cares about that and neither do I. I just like to see the typical features of a certain region, state or country. And while I’m living in the Green Mountain State, I may as well go see each and every covered bridge of Vermont, right? That’s exactly what I’m doing right now!

Vermont Covered Bridge: Taftsville
Taftsville Covered Bridge

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