A Whole New World – Vacationing in New Zealand

Many people only know about New Zealand thanks to The Lord of the Rings and other installations of Peter Jackson’s, but this little country is so much more than just an attraction for the Tolkien fans. If you want to have a diverse vacation filled with adventure and excitement, definitely try to visit New Zealand. Here’s what to do, see, eat and experience vacationing in New Zealand once you book your trip to the land of the kiwis!

Vacationing in New Zealand

Fun Things To Do While Vacationing in New Zealand

Go hiking

New Zealand looks like a postcard practically everywhere you look! It has amazing nature that can awaken profound feelings in all who dare to roam and explore it. Plus, New Zealand is quite small, so you won’t have to drive for thousands of kilometers to get to your hiking spot, and both islands have amazing natural wonders (New Zealand is comprised of the North and South Island and many little islands scattered around the Tasmanian Sea).

The South Island is perfect for those who are more attracted to winter wonders, since it holds several glacial lakes. It’s also one of the best places in the world for astronomers and astronomy aficionados; just make sure to visit Mt John Observatory and take a beautiful night tour! On the other hand, the North Island is full of breathtaking sceneries, especially when you get to the volcanic Tongariro National Park. This is where the Lord of the Rings was filmed, so you’ll really feel like you’ve stepped into Middle Earth!

vacationing in New Zealand

Get familiar with New Zealand wildlife

New Zealand is such a remote and unique spot on the planet that it’s home to some quite special little cuties, Kiwi birds, that can only be found here. However, they are so rare that you have a better chance of seeing one at reserves like Pukaha! On the other hand, if you’re more interested in seeing animals that are giant and untamable, you can check out Kaikoura. Join their whale watch and see some of the biggest residents of this planet—sperm whales who are permanent residents of these waters.

Walk the streets of Auckland

Your New Zealand trip would definitely not be complete without taking a stroll through the streets of its cities. So, aside from enjoying New Zealand’s nature, you must see their concrete jungles too. All fun cruises from Sydney stop at Auckland, so you’ll definitely have a chance to explore its amazing architecture, visit its hippest spots and just sit and watch people pass by with a cup of coffee in your hand! Luckily for all of us broke travelers out there, Auckland is full of amazing, free and cheap things you can do while vacationing in New Zealand. Start by exploring its beautiful parks, booking a free guided tour or catching a free movie out in the open.

vacationing in New Zealand

Explore Maori culture

It would be such a shame not to learn anything about Maori culture while you’re frolicking in Aotearoa—“the land of the long white cloud” (or simply New Zealand for us westerners). The best spot to start your Maori exploration is probably the Auckland Museum, where you can see many exhibitions concerning Maori culture and history. However, there are many smaller exhibitions with big treasures scattered all around the country. And don’t miss at least one kapa haka (song and dance) performance which usually overwhelms spectators with awe, respect and emotion.

Get a tasty bite

If you’re serious about your food, don’t worry—you’ll definitely leave New Zealand with a full stomach! Kiwis are proud of the variety of fresh and tasty ingredients they put into their food and products. So, leave some space in your tummy for Mount Cook alpine salmon and Kaikoura crayfish; and don’t hesitate to grab some fresh Motueka apples and Central Otago stone fruit right from the farmers’ market. However, the centers of foodie movement in New Zealand are probably Auckland and Wellington. They have some of best New Zealand restaurants, street food, ethnic cuisines and amazing home-baking products you can buy. However, no matter where you go while vacationing in New Zealand, you’ll get to start your morning with some of the best coffee in the world and end your day with an amazing glass of wine.

vacationing in New Zealand

Taste the adrenaline

If you find afternoon walks through the city a bit boring, don’t despair. When you find yourself seeking adrenaline while vacationing in New Zealand, you’ll most definitely find it! Kiwis really know how to get your blood pumping with their many bungee spots; cliff diving destinations and exciting cliff swings. However, if that seems a bit too extreme for you, you can try jet boating, paragliding or kayaking. These activities will not only give you just the right amount of excitement, but also allow you to see some of the best sceneries on the island!

So, don’t hesitate to make New Zealand your next travel destination. You’ll get to see unique natural beauties, meet amazing people, experience a flood of adrenaline and then let the stress and tension leave your body while relaxing with a glass of tasty wine! Let New Zealand nurture, educate and mesmerize you!

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