Travel Tips To Assure A Great Vacation With Your Pet

vacation with your Pet

When planning to take a trip with your pet, It is important to make plans well in advance. It is also important to keep the best interest of the pet in mind while in the planning stages of your trip. A vacation with your pet can be either a pleasant experience or a disaster. The outcome will depend on the decisions you make.

Travel Tips for Taking a Vacation with Your Pet

Perform Dress Rehearsals

A pet that has never taken a long trip should be introduced to shorter trips first. Begin with a short drive, and increase the duration of the trips over time. You should place your pet in the crate you will use for the trip each time you take a drive with your pet. This action is taken to familiarize the pet with the crate. 

Walk With Your Pet Before Boarding Time

Your pet should be allowed to walk or run around for a time before boarding a bus, train, or plane. Look around the station or airport to find a place your pet can expend some nervous energy. A little exercise can cause you and your pet to become tired enough to rest during a trip.

Choose The Correct Carrier

You should make sure that any shipping crate purchased for your pet be IATA approved. The carrier or crate you select should provide the options for animal to stand, sit, or turn around without problems. The carrier should also not shift or move when a plane or vehicle is in motion or comes to a stop.

Customize The Pet Crate

You should make a shipping crate as comfortable as possible for your pet. The crate can be lined with cloth or shredded paper. It is also a good idea to freeze a bowl of water and place it in the crate before leaving on the trip. The water will melt while the trip is underway and your pet will then have water to drink. 

The crate should be closed for the trip but not locked. You should leave the crate unlocked in case emergency access to your pet is needed. An identification card should be attached to the crate in case you and your pet are separated.

Learn Airline Policies

The policies for traveling with a pet can differ slightly from airline to airline. Make sure you are up to speed on all requirements pertaining to your pet both on the plane and in the airport terminal. Direct flights will eliminate stopovers and make terminal policies less relevant. Your pet can also become agitated or stressed when being moved from one plane to another.

The travel experience will also differ for smaller pets that are allowed to travel in the cabin versus large pets who will ride cargo. The airline you choose will most likely have a page on their website dedicated to pet policy.

Prepare For Other Modes Of Travel

vacation with your Pet

Do not forget to factor in travel to and from the airport when flying is the mode of travel with your pet. The pet must still be prepared to travel in a cab, bus, or other option once reaching the ultimate destination.


When taking a vacation with your pet, the planning process should begin well in advance. Proper planning will assure that your trip is a great experience. The failure to plan could have disastrous consequences.

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