Safety Precautions to Take Before You Leave on Vacation

Vacations are a time when families want to leave their worries behind and relax in a foreign place. While this is an achievable goal, there are some safety precautions that should be adhered to before going on vacation. After all, many criminals target homes that are empty during typical vacation periods. Here are a few vacation safety precautions to take before leaving on your summer holiday.

View from Ibiza towards Es VedrĂ , a small rocky island,vacation safety precautions
View from Ibiza towards Es VedrĂ , a small rocky island

1. Tell a neighbor you’re leaving.

Before leaving ona family  vacation, it is important to let a neighbor or relative know about your travel plans. This ensures that any suspicious activity is instantly reported to the police by neighbors. Furthermore, criminals are less likely to target a home that is frequented by neighbors. Having a neighbor or relative walk around your home once a day is enough to scare off some potential robbers.

2. Leave on a light.

Criminals are less likely to break into a home when people are home. Robbers prefer an easy target where people are either gone at work or on vacation. Leaving a light on in a bathroom is a great way to help ward off criminals while on vacation. As bathrooms are the most commonly used room in a home, criminals don’t typically expect this to be a ruse. Your home won’t look as susceptible to criminal eyes with a light on every night.

3. Install an alarm system.

Alarm systems are the best way to protect your home while away on vacation. Without an alarm system, homeowners have to rely on neighbors to witness a break-in in order to take any action. These systems will alert the police immediately when a door or window is opened. Studies have shown that homes with alarm systems are targeted less than homes that have no form of protection.

4. Invest in a doorbell camera.

Technology can help keep your home safe during a vacation. There are state-of-the-art doorbells that have security cameras to keep an eye on your front patio. Whenever someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door, the security camera will record the visitor. This footage can be viewed live from a smartphone or seen later in a recording. This allows families to see who is visiting their home while on vacation. If there is a criminal approaching the front door, this doorbell camera is also capable of alerting the authorities.

These four tips on vacation safety precautions can help you keep your home protected while on holiday.

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