Your Vacation Checklist: Get Ready to Go

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Usually, holidays are that time of the year when you finally get to relax completely. No work, no commuting stress, nothing that can trigger your anger or anxiety. Life can be unpredictable, though. Not everything can be fixed in advance, but a vacation checklist can make your long-deserved holiday go more smoothly.

You can get overwhelmed when you get really close to your departure date. We’re making sure you don’t forget some of the basic things you need to do before going on a sabbatical. You might find that not all of these things apply to you. But go through our vacation checklist and do what you need to do!

Call your bank

Look for the number printed on the back of your debit or credit card and call your bank. Tell them where you are traveling to and the dates of your travel break. You could save some money by withdrawing cash from foreign banks that are partnered with your bank.

Travel Insurance

Although excitement about your trip might make this slip your mind, travel insurance is a crucial item on your vacation checklist. No one ever expects to get sick or injured during a trip, but the reality can be much different.

The insurance will help cover your expenses and also help you find the right hospital or doctor. If you’re traveling with your pet, it might be wise to pay for your pet’s insurance, too. They run a risk of catching some local diseases.

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Check your documents

Not only do you have to remember to bring your important documents with you, but you also need to check if they are valid. Many countries will not allow you to enter if your passport is going to expire within three, five or even six months.

Depending on your citizenship, you might need a visa to enter some countries. Visas can be either obtained (and paid for) on arrival or requested before arrival. Renew your passport if needed and check if you need a tourist visa for the country you’re visiting.

Check your car (if you’re driving)

If you’re planning to travel by car, make sure to bring your car for a technical check-up. Even if you believe everything is completely fine with it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Your and your closest ones’ lives could be at stake.

Also, if you’re traveling with young kids or pets, make sure your car is well equipped for such a trip. Does your child have a good seat? Do you have an adequate crate for your dog? Do you know how to handle your kid’s or even your dog’s car sickness? Add these to your vacation checklist so small things don’t ruin your long-awaited R and R vacation.

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Pack smart

There are a couple of things you should do to be sure your vacation checklist is complete. First of all, check which amenities are included in your accommodation. This way you will know whether you need to save space for hairdryer, towels or slippers.

Next, check the weather forecast. Although it probably won’t be completely accurate, it will give you an idea of whether you’ll need a sweater and a jacket. Another thing I like to do before going on vacation is to create outfits for several days and different occasions. This way I avoid bringing too much stuff that I don’t even wear.

Clean your home

Before leaving, make sure you have cleaned your home properly. Throw or give someone all the foods that will expire or turn rotten while you’re away. You don’t want to come back and find your fridge full of bad-smelling food.

If you want to make your return a bit less depressing, clean your bathroom too and change your bed sheets. You will be less likely to suffer from post-vacation blues if you do so.

Protect your pets and plants

You might decide to travel with your dog. But what if you can’t bring your pet with you? You should consider finding a reliable boarding center, or have someone you trust sleep at your place and take care of feeding (and walking) your pet.

Also, your plants will likely suffer because you’re away. Making sure someone comes to water them is a great way of finding your home in the same conditions as before you left.

Make a vacation checklist and run through it the night before departure. Hope these tips will help you. Enjoy your holidays, and Bon Voyage!

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