The 7+ Best Treehouse Rentals in Hawaii

There is no doubt that the Hawaiian islands are a piece of heaven on Earth.

The tropical forests and beautiful scenery have made the islands one of the most visited tourist spots in the world.

And we all know busy tourist places are expensive, especially the accommodation.

But there is no need to stay in pricey hotels because there is an entirely different option available: treehouses.

Hawaii’s forests contain tons of wooden treehouses, allowing you to experience nature up close.

Treehouses provide a unique experience in the middle of the forest, often with modern facilities.

Hawaii has a great deal of them, such as Kona’s Luxury Tree House and the Romantic Treehouse in the Hawaiian Rainforest.

7 Top-Rated Treehouses to Rent in Hawaii

1. The Mokuna Tree House, Mountain View 

A stay at Mokuna truly is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. The placement of Mokuna Tree House is what makes it so phenomenal, giving you a stunning glimpse of an active volcano. 

Walls surround the bedroom, but the roof is open, letting sunlight brighten the room. Meanwhile, spacious balconies around the treehouse allow for views of the ocean, forest, and volcano at this peaceful retreat.

You can even look down on the lush green trees through the large window in the bathroom. But don’t worry as the treehouse is totally secluded and private.

And with one bedroom and a private lanai, Mokuna is perfect for those looking for a romantic treehouse stay. 

Finally, the Mokuna house is the most eco-friendly treehouse in the area. Solar panels on the roof power the whole treehouse, and your purified water comes from the rain.

Hawaii Price: $132/night

2. Romantic Tree House in the Hawaiian Rainforest, Volcano 

If you are looking for a vacation away from everyday life, this is the treehouse for you. At the Tree House in the Hawaiian Rainforest, you stay disconnected from the outer world.

There is no Wi-Fi and not even a single cable leading back to town because solar energy powers this off-grid treehouse.

But, even with the seclusion, you are still just two kilometers away from the highway leading to the town. Thus, you can enjoy other tourist attractions like lava tubes and waterfalls.

Or, if you want to stay in, you can view the never-ending lush jungle from the 8 feet high sliding glass door. The room also has a white-colored theme with a beautiful pinewood ceiling and French doors.

This treehouse is a two-story structure with all the facilities you could want and a luxurious bedroom. Plus, the kitchen is huge, so you can easily prepare your own meals. 

The bathroom even has rain-style showers, both indoor and outdoor, to make for an interesting stay.

Hawaii Price: $230/night

3. Kona’s Luxury Tree House, Kailua Kona

You’ll find that Kona’s Luxury Tree House is a perfect abode. From the moment you get here, you’ll smell the refreshing aromas of real wood and get a glimpse of the magnificent ocean outside. 

This tiny house has a king-size bed, which is enough for two guests. And a spacious bathroom is attached to the bedroom for ultimate convenience and luxury. 

Additionally, you get a full kitchen stocked with complimentary fresh eggs and tropical fruit. You can also enjoy the four-person hot tub for the ultimate relaxing stay.  

There are even laundry facilities on the property, making the treehouse even more convenient.

Plus, Kona’s Luxury Tree House is a great location for adventure seekers. The treehouse provides complimentary boogie boards, snorkel gear, beach towels, and beach umbrellas if you feel like dipping into the sea.

Hawaii Price: $599/night

4. Bamboo Treehouse Near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Volcano

Located on Hawaii’s Big Island, you are immediately met with a 360-degree view of the whole area once you make it to the top of the spiral staircase. 

Out of the large front window, you’ll see the space to park your vehicle, and then, nothing but the jungle of the famous Big Island.

Also, the whole treehouse is made of Vietnamese bamboo, giving it a warm brown texture all over. And the treehouse is well lit at night, with orange lamps allowing you a remarkable look at the surroundings. 

The treehouse even has a balcony surrounding the room where you can view the deep forest all around.

Plus, while staying at Bamboo Treehouse, you get all the modern amenities. There is high-speed Wi-Fi, a SMART TV, a queen-size bed, and a kitchen stocked for you in this luxury treehouse.

Hawaii Price: $301/night

5. Hale Hubner Treehouse Cottage, Volcano

Hale Hubner Treehouse is the only treehouse on the list not elevated above the ground. But that doesn’t make it any less fun. 

It is larger than most treehouses in Hawaii, with a great seating area, a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and an outdoor place to enjoy the weather.

Hale Hubner even has all the amenities like a heater, board games, bed warmer, and books to make you feel at home and have a comfortable stay. The treehouse also has a high deck and a lot of sliding glass doors allowing more air circulation.

You can sleep outdoors too. Surrounded by lush rainforest, this treehouse provides a stunning view, and at night, you can see the clear sky full of bright stars.

And although you’ll feel plenty secluded here, you are still inside of Volcano Village, so you can easily pick up necessities. Plus, you’ll be right near Volcanoes National Park. 

Hawaii Price: $135/night

6. Adventure Treehouse – As Featured on HGTV!, Mt. View

This cabin is the most colorful treehouse on the list. The treehouse has various wood accents and a nearby botanical garden. 

Additionally, this spacious stay has plenty of huge windows so that you can get the most of the magnificent sunlight all day long. Or, if you want to adventure outside, there’s a zip line and swinging bridge right on the property. 

And although the house is peaceful and off the beaten path, there is still electricity powered by solar energy. 

Finally, the treehouse is just twenty minutes away from downtown Hilo but still totally secluded from the population. 

Hawaii Price: $236/night

7. Sunset Beach Temple Treehouse, Haleiwa

Sunset Beach Temple Treehouse probably has the best ocean views. To enter the treehouse, you have to climb 100 steps, and at this height, you can see far across the water.

The home is huge too, with open walls all around. And the dark wooden texture makes the treehouse feel even more cut off from the outside world. 

Thus, you can enjoy your private time in the treehouse’s queen-size bed. 

Furthermore, there are balconies where you can sit in the open to enjoy the greenery and stunning beaches while you sip your morning coffee. And, of course, you get to watch the breathtaking sunsets from this tiny paradise. 

Sunset Beach Temple Treehouse also knows how to entertain adventurous travelers. You can surf in the sea on the North Shore of Oahu or take a hike in the dense forest.

Overall, Sunset Beach Temple Treehouse is ideal for those looking for long stays because this holiday home has a 30-day minimum stay period.

Hawaii Price: $210/night

Honorable Mentions

Since there are so many great treehouses and tiny house rentals in Hawaii, here are a few more you may want to try out: 

  • Big Island Bamboo Treehouse Hawaii (Volcano) – Near Volcano Park. Also, it sleeps two in a queen bed. 
  • Dreamy Tropical Tree House (Fern Forest) – Located ten miles from Volcano National Park Big Island. Also, it has an outdoor shower and a hanging bed to give it an even more rustic feel. 
  • Zen Treehouse Retreat (Papaikou) – Has a nearby outdoor shower and bathroom and an upstairs lanai. 
  • Tiny Tropical Treehouse Hawaii (Volcano) – Surrounded by tropical rainforest
  • Private, Honeymoon Cottage – 180 Degree Ocean View (Maui) – Near Haleakala National Park
  • Mango Tree (Pahoa) – Two-story cottage with one bedroom
  • Kealakekua Bay Bali Cottage (Captain Cook) – In walking distance of Manini Beach
  • Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano (Volcano) – Has a flat-screen TV and a private hot tub 
  • Lazy Lehua Cottage (Volcano) – Has nearby wineries and a golf course. 
  • Dragonfly Ranch (Captain Cook) – Includes an outdoor kitchen

What to Look for When Renting a Treehouse?

Internet and Electricity

The point of treehouses is to have some alone time in the forest away from the world’s distractions. That’s why most treehouses do not have Wi-Fi or electricity and are in the deep woods. 

However, most people can’t live without lights and the internet.

Thus, many treehouses in Hawaii have started to offer amenities like electricity, Wi-Fi, and running water in their cottages. But, treehouses with these facilities can be a little expensive, so do have a look before selecting your place of stay.

Traveling with Family?

Treehouses are not big properties, and most of them are just one or two rooms. 

For couples, there is no need to worry about space. But if you have children with you, it can be challenging to find and rent a big enough treehouse.

Duration of Stay

The last thing to check when renting a treehouse is their minimum required stay. 

Most treehouses have a two-night minimum stay. While some of these vacation rentals even require you to stay a week. 


If you are traveling to a place like Hawaii, you shouldn’t waste your trip sitting in a hotel room, even if it is a luxury hotel. 

It’s not much different than your own home, right? 

Hawaii is the perfect place to connect with nature, and a unique accommodation like a treehouse is the way to do it.

And with treehouse rentals, you get to observe nature closely, inhale the fresh air, and enjoy the refreshing aromas of the jungle. So, check out sites like Airbnb and Glamping Hub to find your next off-grid vacation.