6 Unusual Activities in Spain You’ve Absolutely Got to Do

You’ve seen the Sagrada Familia inside and out; you’ve sipped countless coffees at the Plaza de España; and you’ve explored the Alhambra more times than you can even count. Now it’s time for something a bit different, something the travel guides won’t tell you. Time to check out unusual activities in Spain to have a unique experience like no other!

Unusual Activities in Spain to do

From museums with highly-questionable contents to villages that would be more at home in a cartoon, here are 6 unusual activities in Spain you’ve absolutely got to try.

Visit the Chamber Pot Museum

El Museo del Orinal de Ciudad Rodrigo is on the far western side of Spain and features a staggering 1,300 chamber pots. It took the curator 31 years to amass his vast collection of pots made of everything from glass and metal to ceramics and wood, with every plausible design and pattern you can imagine on display.

Admire the Skate Park Church

Unusual Activities in Spain
Check out the incredible Skate Park Church in Asturias. Image via Flickr, Children of Darklight, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Not your average place of worship, the 100-year-old church of Santa Barbara in Asturias was destined to become useless rubble. Until a group of enterprising individuals turned it into a public skate park known as Kaos Temple. The floor and lower walls are covered in skate ramps, while the upper walls and ceilings are decorated in gorgeous, brightly-coloured geometric designs.

Explore Smurf Town

Unusual Activities in Spain
Stroll around the Smurf Village in Júzcar. Image via Flickr, Miguel Ossorio, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The once beautiful whitewashed village of Júzcar in Málaga was transformed into a bright blue hamlet in 2011 by Sony Pictures, who wanted a unique way to market the new Smurfs film. The film giant offered to repaint the houses white following the end of the marketing campaign. But the locals refused, instead preferring their new blue homes.

Complete the most dangerous walk in the world

Unusual Activities in Spain
One of the most dangerous parts of the Caminito del Rey

Following 5 deaths in 1999 and 2000, the Caminito del Rey walk in Málaga closed down. It was re-opened in 2015 after safety measures were improved. The original path was constructed in 1905 to provide workers with a way to get to a nearby hydroelectric plant. Today it’s purely a tourist attraction. With a path just 1 metre wide and a 100 metre drop if you fumble your footing, it’s not for everyone!

Sit on the 2nd Largest Chair in the World

One of the more bizarre entries on this list is the world’s 2nd largest chair, currently in Lucena close to Córdoba. The 26 metre-high chair features a staircase. So you really can climb up, sit on it and enjoy the view. (If you’re wondering, the largest chair in the world is currently in Austria.)

Swim in the Pink Lake with flamingos

Unusual Activities in Spain
A drone’s view of Las Salinas de Torrevieja

Every Instagrammer’s ultimate dream-come-true. You really can dip your toes into a candy floss-pink lake while flamingos pose around you. Las Salinas de Torrevieja in Valencia covers 1,400 hectares. It gets its unique colour from the microorganisms and micro-seaweeds which synthesise the salt water to live. During breeding season, the lake provides a safe haven for up to 2,000 flamingos, along with a handful of other migratory aquatic birds.

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