My Sydney Holiday In a Way I Never Thought Possible

Back in my grade school days, we were told to write a story on what we did during the summer vacation. And even though I finished grade school long, long time ago. I decided to share my summer holiday story with you. My wife and I wanted to do something different this year. So instead of staying in a beach hotel for a week like we usually do. We rented a car and decided to take a road trip across Australia. And it’s amazing how an idea like this can turn your holiday into a completely unique experience. Here are some highlights of my unique Sydney holiday experience that I’d like to share with you.

Bondi Beach, Sydney. unique Sydney holiday
Bondi Beach, Sydney: Photo on Flickr by Alex Proimos / CC BY-NC 2.0

Where did we go

We did visit Sydney before, but we never really got a chance to experience everything the entire state of NSW has to offer. Therefore, we first spent a couple of days in the city, in a hotel near the Georges River with an astonishing view from our balcony. While we were in Sydney, we actually didn’t stick to the places most tourists visit as we wanted a unique Sydney holiday. What we did instead was trying to discover small coffee shops and restaurants we never heard of before. After four days of wandering the beautiful streets of Sydney, we decided it was time to take the car we rented and experience the nature around the city. We rode south of Sydney and saw the Royal National Park, the second largest national park in the world after Yellowstone in the US.

What we saw in the city

As I mentioned earlier, the whole point of this trip was to do something different. The first time we were in Sydney (in 2009), we went sightseeing and we saw all the monuments you shouldn’t miss out when in Sydney. I’m talking about Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower, etc. And even though seeing these was great, it was time for us to experience a unique Sydney holiday.

Firstly, we were amazed how many interesting cafes there were. We found a place where local artists played their music every evening and we actually went there three times before hitting the road. Also, we discovered a great Chinese restaurant which is the first thing I’ll visit again when I’m back in the city. We have also had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of interesting people. They showed us all the local parks and stores that we needed to see.

Sydney Opera House at Night. unique Sydney holiday
Sydney Opera House at Night

What we saw in the Royal National Park

Once we saw everything we wanted in the city. It was time to get in our car and experience the nature in the Royal National Park. And driving on the well-maintained roads south of Sydney was a real pleasure, trust me. And the only thing better than the roads was the view. We discovered some enchanting cliffs and secluded beaches we really loved. What I liked the best about this place was Wattamolla beach. This spot is absolutely perfect for having a picnic and relaxing on the sand for hours. My wife barely managed to persuade me to get up from the sand and get back on the road. When it comes to wildlife, we got a chance to take a closer look at baby kangaroo which are absolutely adorable. We also saw tons of interesting birds and an echidna roaming the bush.

Royal National Park, NSW Coastline. unique Sydney holiday
Royal National Park Coastline

Reasons why we decided to rent a car

When we went on holidays before, we usually stuck with flying. Still, this time we rented a car and did all the driving ourselves. I got the idea from a friend who does this every single year and comes back home with loads of interesting stories to tell.

So, we did the same and I have to say it was awesome. First of all, we got a newer vehicle which has made the entire trip much more enjoyable. Nothing went wrong with the car, which means we got to enjoy every single second of our trip. Also, while in our car, we actually got a chance to see a celebrity. So, while on holiday in Australia, I found out Beyonce was on tour! we did considerd seeing her perform live. Luckily, we saw her from our car when she was arriving in the city. And since we’re both huge fans, it was an amazing experience.

The bottom line of a unique Sydney holiday

If you thought about the idea of doing something else this year. I simply have to suggest renting a car and taking a road trip like my wife and I did. Not only that this will allow you to see the scenery you would miss traveling by plane. But you’ll also have the freedom of planning the entire trip on your own and stay as long as you want. I never thought it would be possible to take a trip like this, but I actually ended up loving every single second of it.

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