The Ultimate Guide to Road Tripping Home for the Holidays

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, long distance trips spike by 54 percent during the 6-day Thanksgiving travel period. Meanwhile, Christmas and New Year’s sees a spike of 23 percent compared to the average number during the rest of the year. Road trips can be more pleasurable than flying, and more cost effective, without dealing with the crowds at the airport and cramming into small airplane seats. But hours in the car can still be a challenge, especially when you’re traveling with kids or loved ones. Combat the road trip blues by staying organized, making it fun and taking your time. Here are some tips on creating the ultimate road trip holiday drive home during the vacations.

ultimate road trip holiday drive home: Group Of Friends In Car On Road Trip Together
Group Of Friends In Car On Road Trip Together

Ultimate Road Trip Holiday Drive Home

Energy-boosting Snacks

Stock up the car with energy-boosting snacks that keep you alert and stave off hunger pains during traffic. Pick-up your favorites from your local grocery store that are stocked with nuts and low in sugar. Kashi Go Lean or Clif Bars are good places to start. These protein bars can usually be found in gas stations. Just check the label before purchasing to ensure they’re high in fiber and protein and low in sugar. And remember water can also help give you an energy boost, so avoid the temptation not to hydrate and use the rest stops as an opportunity to stretch and get some fresh air on your ultimate road trip holiday drive home.

Road trips can get boring, and it’s only normal to turn to food to keep you occupied. Instead of reaching for chips and other go-to snacks, pack some crunchy options from home. Use separate snack Ziplock bags to store your celery sticks, carrots and nuts like cashews and peanuts.

Ultimate Road Trip Holiday Drive Home Family Travel - snacks
Family Travel – snacks

Fun and Useful Gifts

A trip home for the holidays means gifts for loved ones. Pack your gifts in the car the night before to ensure you have enough space for luggage and other necessities. Save one and put aside if you’re traveling with a child. A surprise present in the car can cheer up bored little ones who need something to keep them occupied for a few hours.

For family back home, look for gifts that speak to their lifestyle. Celebrating the great outdoors can help bring your family together and give you an excuse to plan a future excursion together. And if you’re limited on space, try a gift card for the outdoors lovers in your family.

Ultimate Road Trip Holiday Drive Home: On the road
On the Road

Guilty Pleasures

A long road trip beckons the need for guilty pleasures now and again. Avoid candy bars and fast food that can drag down your energy and turn your road trip into a challenge. Instead, pick-up a celebrity magazine, download a new app game to your smartphone or make a mixed tape of all the horrible music you secretly love to listen to. Indulging in even one or two guilty pleasures can turn your car trip into an exciting adventure.

Emergency Supplies

Every road trip needs an emergency kit and supplies to keep your family safe. Schedule maintenance for your car, and double check that a spare tire and jumper cables are tucked safely in your trunk. Prepare your own emergency kit with bandages, antibiotic ointment, tweezers and creams to combat everything from burns to cuts.

Flares and blankets are also necessary if you’re traveling through remote areas or anywhere with inclement weather. Remember to include a charger for your smartphone or external battery as a backup in case you encounter car trouble or get stranded.

Whether you’re traveling an hour away, or spending the whole day in the car, your next ultimate road trip holiday drive home can be a fun and safe adventure. Where are you headed this year?

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