UK Adult Easter Treats You Must Try

The Easter holiday celebrated in countries across the world is taking place this year on Sunday 16th April. Here in the UK Easter has been traditionally for children. However we all love painting eggs, rolling them and of course divulging in eating delicious chocolate eggs. Specialty Easter Eggs have come to the forefront this year, with adults in mind. Here are some adult Easter treats, that you should look out for this coming Easter in the UK.

Easter For Adults. Adult Easter Treats
Easter For Adults ©MDHarding

UK Adult Easter Treats for the Chocoholic

Once the kids have enjoyed Easter egg hunting, rolling their painted boiled eggs down a hill, then tucked up in bed exhausted, then you can indulge with one of these Easter treats for adults!

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg

Gin has taken the world by storm and this year you can also indulge with Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg. The rich chocolate egg comes in a small package, but what it lacks in size, it gives in cocoa content and popping candy. Inside the egg is a delightful pack of six thick white chocolate covered truffles with a powerful gin chocolate creme centre. Leaving a powerful gin punch and popping candy explosion.

Prestat London Gin Easter Egg. Adult Easter Treats
Prestat London Gin Easter Egg ©MDHarding

The London Chocolate Company Luxury Gin Easter Egg

The London Chocolate Company presents the Luxury Gin Easter Egg – The Easter egg comes beautifully packaged in gift wrap and a little tagged bow. Once the bow and gift wrap is removed the egg stands gracefully in a cardboard stand. The exterior of the milk chocolate egg is delightfully decorated with strands of white chocolate and little nuggets of dark chocolate.  Upon hitting the seam of the egg with a silver spoon the two halves gently fall away from one another, leaving the truffles exposed. The milk chocolate egg is well portioned and snaps with force. Sweet, creamy and very chocolatey!  Delicious!  If there is gin in the actual chocolate egg, I couldn’t taste it. Once you bite through that crisp white chocolate coated truffle exterior, then the chocolate creamy filling melts in your mouth with the emerging sweet then punchy gin & tonic flavour.

The London Chocolate Company. Adult Easter Treats
The London Chocolate Company ©MDHarding

Divine Milk Chocolate and Praline Eggs

Did you know, as well as enjoying an Easter treat for adults, you could also be empowering cocoa producing farmers.

Divine Easter Eggs have been produced especially with that in mind.  Fairtrade is about better prices, working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. Did you know there are over 1.65 million farmers and workers spread across more than 74 countries participating in Fairtrade? Buying Fairtrade is easy. There are over 4,500 Fairtrade products from coffee and tea to flowers and gold, so when you shop, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark. Learn more about Fairtrade and how to get involved at

Divine Milk Chocolate and Praline Eggs are not only very chocolatey, but also delicious adult Easter treats. They also come in a box that has unusual graphics made up from Adinkra symbols!  Discover what they mean and more at Divine.

Divine Milk Chocolate and Praline Eggs. Adult Easter Treats
Divine Milk Chocolate and Praline Eggs ©MDHarding

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